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Three arrested at Malaga Airport for luggage thefts from passengers

The gang allegedly accessed airside areas at the Costa del Sol airport with low-cost flight tickets, but didn't actually catch the flights they had purchased


Guardia Civil officers at Malaga Airport have arrested a gang of three people after a passenger reported the theft of her luggage in the arrivals hall of the Costa del Sol airport.

After the incident was reported, two people of Spanish nationality were located, who were caught red-handed by police while carrying out another theft inside the airport premises. In addition, a third person was arrested who was waiting in a vehicle outside the airport, ready to flee with the stolen objects.

The Guardia Civil revealed that two of the people detained had entered the airside areas of the airport with low-cost flight tickets, passing through the security lines and then remaining in the commercial area near the boarding gates where they carried out the thefts, without actually catching the flights they had purchased, and leaving the premises with the objects they had stolen.

The three people arrested have been charged with theft and handed over to the courts.