This year the works will be carried out in the early hours of the morning. / salvador salas

Beach repairs following storm damage in Malaga to be carried out at night

If everything goes to plan all the beaches on the Costa del Sol will be in perfect condition by the middle of June


If you're in Malaga this week and hear something strange going on around La Malagueta beach at night, don't be alarmed: works are being carried out to add more sand near the Tropicana bar-restaurant, the area which was badly damaged by the last storms, and the authorities have decided that this should be done at night to avoid inconvenience to beach users during the day. If not, they would have had to close off access to the area for four days.

This is the only area in which the works are being carried out at night or, to be more specific, in the early mornings of Tuesday to Friday. Another 8,000 cubic metres of sand will be brought to this part of the beach from other areas where too much had accumulated.

Sources at the Coastal Authority have explained that the storm this year occurred very close to the summer, and it has taken several weeks to plan and approve the works. “It will be more difficult to work at night because of the lack of light, but it is less dangerous for beach users,” they said.

Perfect condition by middle of June

Elsewhere in Malaga city sand will also need to be added at Guadalmar in the near future, but at present the repair works are being carried out in Torrox, among other places along the coast.

In Marbella and Estepona the beach improvement works are expected to continue for another two weeks, as those municipalities were the most badly affected by the high waves. If all goes according to schedule, all the beaches on the Costa del Sol will be in perfect condition by the middle of June.