The brawl scared tourists at the airport. / sur

Six arrested following violence between Malaga and Seville ultras at Costa del Sol airport

They are charged with public disorder offences and causing damage to property, after hurling furniture during the altercation on 18 March


Six people have been arrested in connection with a fight that broke out at Malaga Airport between rival football ultras on the evening of 18 March. They are aged between 18 and 43 and the police say they are part of the most radical faction of the Frente Bokerón group.

The incident occurred when a group of Biris Norte ultras landed after accompanying Seville to London for the Europa League match with West Ham. As they were leaving the arrivals area they were spotted by the Malaga fans. After an initial exchange of insults, a battle broke out which lasted for about three minutes, during which the two sides hurled furniture from a café and other items at each other.

About 30 people were involved in the fighting, and several witnesses filmed what was happening on their mobile phones and posted the scenes on social media.

Frightened tourists

The incident frightened many of the tourists in the airport. One of the videos shows dozens of Frente Bokerón youths waiting aggressively outside the doors or the terminal for their rivals to come out, many of them carrying things they had grabbed from inside the airport to use as weapons.

The police used the social media footage to help them identify who was involved. They are not aware of anyone being injured, but there was considerable damage to the airport terminal including an automatic door costing around 3,000 euros. The officers carrying out the investigation say this was not a casual encounter and the Frente Bokerón had been lying in wait for their Biris Norte counterparts.

One of those arrested has also been charged with theft, as it seems he took advantage of the fracas to steal a suitcase from a tourist who had just arrived at the airport.