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Malaga council wants to remove trees from Monte Gibralfaro to improve views of castle

The idea is to make the walls of the castle more visible from the historic city centre and, particularly, the port


Malaga city council has come up with the idea of removing trees from the Monte Gibralfaro hill, so the walls of the castle are more easily visible from the historic city centre and the port, and especially the area near the Pompidou Centre. The project would affect the south side of the hill, in an area of around 7,500 square metres.

The local authority has now contracted architect Manuel Antonio Navarro Mármol to produce simulations of different options for clearing the trees from the hill. The work involved in drawing up these plans will cost 16,586 euros and take four months.

The simulations he produces will show how much vegetation could be removed, bearing in mind ecological considerations. He has been asked to provide three possible options: the removal of all vegetation so the castle wall can be seen in its entirety; the removal of trees so half of the hill below the castle is visible; and cutting enough trees down so the top of the wall can be seen.

The council is aware that the proposal to clear the hill of trees could be criticised by local people, so a survey is also to be carried out to see how much support the plan is likely to have.