Many people enjoy shopping on Sundays. / salvador salas

Large stores in Malaga say they are selling more goods and creating jobs, thanks to Sunday opening

A survey by the Business Confederation says the decision to allow them to open on more Sundays and public holidays during the year has increased the number of customers by 15% and staffing levels by 20%. But owners of smaller businesses say it is detrimental to them


A survey carried out by the Confederación de Empresarios de Malaga business association has shown that being able to open on more Sundays in the year, combined with Malaga being classified as a busy tourist area last summer (ZGAT), has enabled large stores to gain more clients, increase their turnover and, they say, generate employment.

Although the owners of smaller businesses say the Sunday opening is detrimental to them because they cannot afford to pay staff for the extra hours or take on new workers, the report concludes that the number of visitors to big stores increased by 15% as a consequence of the measures, and the number of clients on Sundays and public holidays was similar to those on a normal weekday. This, it says, reduces crowds during the week and discourages people from travelling to other areas where the shops were open more often.

It also says that the measure has resulted in more people visiting shops instead of purchasing online, and this has increased sales almost to pre-pandemic levels.

More jobs

With regard to employment, the companies who are opening on more Sundays and public holidays say they have increased staffing levels by around 20%, and this includes cleaners, promotional staff and security as well as shop assistants.

The measures have also benefited small shops which are located in large malls, because despite their size they are also permitted to open. The CEM study also points out that for the owners of these businesses it is a win-win situation: they are paying the same rent per month for their premises, but can open for more hours and earn more money from sales, thereby increasing their profits.