Julian Schnabel

Spain's hauliers' strike hits the art world as Julian Schnabel's CAC exhibition is postponed

The collection of 23 paintings by the North American artist was due to open to the public today, 25 March, at the Contemporary Art Centre in Malaga


Spain's hauliers' strike is affecting the art world. The Contemporary Art Centre in Malaga has been forced to postpone the exhibition 'Schnabel and Spain: Anyone Can Be a Model for a Painting' that was scheduled for this Friday, 25 March. The centre had held on for as long as possible in the hope of finding a solution to open the exhibition as planned. The organisers have searched for alternative transportation but the size of the pieces has made finding one impossible.

The exhibition was due to include a selection of paintings by the North American artist Julian Schnabel which has been curated by Fernando Francés and Cy Schnabel, and it is hoped a new date will be announced shortly.

The collection consists of 23 paintings, dated between 1997 and the present. It shows the artist's work in the context of Spanish painting and the evolution of his work during this period. Schnabel’s paintings show a constant exploration of different ways to apply and understand painting, challenging conventional notions in the art form.

Julian Schnabel (born in New York 1951) studied at the University of Houston where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1973 before moving to New York and starting an independent Study programme at the Whitney Museum. His work has been shown at many world famous institutions such as the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in New York, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Tate Gallery in London and many more. His work can also be seen in important international museums and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MET; the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA; the Guggenheim Museum and the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris.