The police realised that her story didn't add up. / sur

Elderly woman, 79, arrested in Malaga after claiming she had been mugged

The police were suspicious of her story and then discovered it was the eighth time she had reported an incident of this type in order to claim on her insurance


She is 79 years old, has difficulty walking, turned up at Malaga police headquarters and began to lie. She told the officers that she had just been mugged; that the thieves had stopped her in the street and threatened her with a knife to make her hand over her money. In reality, she had made the story up so she could claim on her insurance, but it didn’t work. The police discovered that she wasn’t telling the truth, and arrested her.

This happened last month. In her statement to the police, the woman said the incident had occurred on 14 March at 6.30pm in the Camino de San Rafael, where two men had threatened her and stolen her purse. So the police began to check, but discovered that her story didn’t add up.

They had been surprised when she said this had happened in broad daylight in a busy street, because there were no witnesses and nobody appeared to have gone to the aid of this elderly woman with mobility difficulties.

Something else, and rather obvious, made them suspicious. The officers discovered that this was the eighth time the woman had reported an incident of this type. She always claimed to have been threatened or assaulted in the street by someone or some people who stole her belongings.

So the officers called her in for questioning and, this time, she gave in. She admitted that she had made up the story and had not been the victim of a robbery. She also told them why: she planned to claim on her insurance for the money she had supposedly lost. And that’s when she went from being the alleged victim to the supposed criminal. The police immediately arrested her on suspicion of faking a crime.