Man arrested after pulling a knife on neighbour who told him to clean up dog mess

Witnesses in Malaga said the individual was shouting at people and saying he would return with a gun


A man, who was confronted by a group of people about not picking up faeces that his dog deposited in the Bailén-Miraflores district of Malaga, left the scene and allegedly returned with a large knife and threatened the neighbours who were in the area.

Witnesses told the officers said they had been afraid to intervene because of the man’s threatening behaviour, and that he was also shouting that he would return with a gun.

The shaken neighbours were still able to provide a description of the individual to the police and he was quickly found and identified.

The alleged attaker admitted that the confrontation had taken place but denied having had a knife, claiming it was a large stick, before he changed his story and admitted to threatening people with a bladed instrument he had taken from his home.

Local Police officers arrested the individual, a 41-year old man, who was accused of threatening a neighbour with a knife and, also, for not picking up the dog droppings.