Francisco Javier Salas visited the firm on Wednesday morning. / ñito salas

More than 30 Costa del Sol hotels sign up to rent out electric cars by the hour

Guests will be able to use these vehicles via a mobile app where they can arrange and pay the rental


It is called Activacar, it began two years ago and its sustainable mobility scheme is so good that it has been granted one of the highest sums from EU funds by the Spanish government for projects of this type in Malaga.

The initiative consists of installing charging points in 32 hotels in the province and supplying different models of electric vehicles for their clients to use. There will be two sockets in each, offering capacity for charging 64 vehicles in all.

“This will be a unique service in Spain, because the hotels will be offering the electric cars to rent by the hour,” said CEO Eduardo Medina. “If you’re going on holiday you will no longer need to rent a car and leave it parked when not in use. You can just pay for the time you use the service instead”.

Clients will be able to use these cars via a mobile app where they can arrange the rental and pay by the hour. The energy management and mobility platforms will be combined, to make things easier for the client because at the moment one of the biggest downsides to hiring electric vehicles is the lack of charging points.

This means tourists can book their rental to ensure that the car is at their hotel during the hours they need it and return it to the same place, but the same app will also show where charging points are on their planned journey, just in case.

Hotels already waiting to join the scheme

There is already a list of hotels which want to join the scheme. In the two years that Activacar has been in existence, it has created a network of 40 charging points and provided 35 electric cars for different companies and residential developments to hire out.

The government delegate in Malaga, Francisco Javier Salas, visited the company offices this Wednesday morning to announce that the project is to receive 417,000 euros from European funds from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. He said the Activacar scheme will make hotels in Malaga more modern and even more prestigious.