Recently-arrived refugees in Malaga / sur

Government considers opening a Ukraine refugee centre in Malaga

Prime minister Pedro Sánchez has not said whether it would be in the city or elsewhere in the province


The Spanish government is considering opening a centre in Malaga for refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine, which would be the fourth in the country after those in Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante.

This was announced on Sunday, 13 March, by prime minister Pedro Sánchez at the meeting with the presidents of the regional governments in La Palma, in the Canary Islands. He did not say whether it would be in Malaga city or elsewhere in the province, but he did say that all that the regions would be given the resources they need to take in refugees and he called for solidarity everywhere in the country with regard to what could be the biggest exodus of a civil population since WW2.

Sources at the Spanish Committee for Refugee Aid in Malaga expect the government to get in touch this week to provide more information about the centre, as it is responsible for looking after refugees when they first arrive in the province and would therefore be in charge of running it.

At present CEAR is accommodating about 200 refugees in hostels and the hall of a college, and says more are arriving every day.