From a kitchen in Madrid to the Costa del Sol - how pink cocaine was brought to Malaga province

Police have arrested two men for producing the substance at their home in Madrid and driving through the night to distribute it to different places in Spain


Two people have been arrested on suspicion of preparing and distributing the synthetic drug known as 'pink cocaine' in Malaga, Madrid and Toledo. Police say they had set up the laboratory in their own home in Torrejón de Ardoz, in Madrid, and used a frying pan, among other pieces of equipment, to mix substances such as ketamine, opiates and coffee to obtain the required pink colour.

One of the men, who is from Colombia, prepared the drug and the other, a Spanish national, was responsible for delivering it to different places in his own vehicle.

The 'modus operandis' of the distributor to bring the drug to Malaga was always the same. He would drive during the night to Fuengirola or Marbella, spend no more than half an hour delivering the supply, and then make the return journey to Madrid in the early morning. Both men were arrested following a tip-off from the authorities in Colombia which led police in Spain to discover the makeshift laboratory.

At the time of their arrest, the two suspects had been planning to move to Colombia because they were aware they were being investigated. When the police searched their home, they also discovered 76 marijuana plants, and a supply of the chemicals and other substances needed to make the pink cocaine. They also seized weapons, cash, cryptocurrency wallets and equipment used for producing the drug.