The meteoroid reached a height of 103 kilometres over Ardales / sur

Watch an impressive fireball cross the skies of southern Spain in the early hours of the morning

The meteoroid was recorded as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of around 133,000 kilometres an hour at 2.10am


The sky above Malaga province was crossed by a huge fireball in the early hours of this morning, Friday 10 June. José María Madiedo of the IAA-SCIC Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics, who is the lead researcher on the SMART project, said it was extremely luminous and could be seen from all over southern and central Spain.

The rock was recorded at 2.10am, after entering the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 133,000 kilometres an hour, and it originated from a comet. Rocks that cross the Earth’s orbit are known as meteoroids.

The friction caused when the meteoroid entered the atmosphere at high speed caused its surface to heat up and it became incandescent, converting it into a great ball of fire.

It reached an altitude of about 103 kilometres over the municipality of Ardales and then headed north-east, ending 64 kilometres above Cañada Rosal, in Seville province. José María Madiedo says that, almost at the end of its path, there was an explosion which caused it to become even more luminous and was due to the rock breaking up

The fireball was registered by the SMART detection stations in Huelva, Huelva, La Hita, CAHA, OSN, La Sagra, Seville and El Aljarafe.