An air ambulance was despatched to the accident. File photograph. / 112 ANDALUCÍA

One dead and three injured following a collision between car and motorcycle on A-357

A 32-year-old man died at the scene of the accident near Carratraca, north of Malaga


A man has died and three people have been injured in a traffic accident between a car and a motorcycle on the A-357 road, in Carratraca on Saturday afternoon, 2 April.

The 112 Andalucía emergency number received a call at 1.17pm from an individual who advised of a collision between a motorcycle and a car at kilometre 25 of the A-357 road, in the Ardales direction. The caller reported several injured persons that required the assistance of paramedics, including two seriously injured motorcyclists.

Firefighters, health workers and Guardia Civil officers were mobilised and an air ambulance was despatched to.

A 32-year-old man died from his injuries at the scene. In addition, two women aged 25 and 32 and a minor under 14 suffered injuries of varying degrees. The injured were transferred to the Clinico Hospital in Malaga and the Valle del Guadalhorce hopsital.