Rincón de la Victoria./PEDRO LUIS ALONSO

Rincón de la Victoria. / PEDRO LUIS ALONSO

The Costa del Sol's beaches are almost restored and ready for Easter week

The intensive work carried out after the storm has paid off and the shores of Malaga province are nearly ready to welcome visitors


The hard work carried out by the town halls and business owners along the Costa del Sol following the recent storms has paid off and the province’s beaches are ready to welcome visitors ahead of Easter Week.

This photo tour of Malaga's beaches on a glorious spring day gives an idea of the state of the beaches along the Costa.

After rain, strong winds and Sahara sand left beaches and promenades damaged, with beach installations and some bars washed away, many of them have already restored to their former glory.

The latest storm was still in its last throes on Wednesday when town hall workers and the beach bar staff started working long hours in an effort to restore normality.

Thousands of people from Malaga are involved in this work from municipal teams to private hoteliers and many of the affected beach bars have already been able to open the doors to customers.

On Thursday (7 April) mayors from the town halls held a meeting with the secretary of state for the environment, Hugo Morán, and the government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, to discuss the investment of 2.1 million euros to repair the damage.

However, many town halls consider the amount too little to deal with the emergency work that needs to be carried out along the entire coastline of the province after the last storm. Marbella town hall alone has spent a million euros in order to have its beaches ready for Easter.

Malaga’s provincial government, the Diputación, announced an extraordinary aid package of 20 million euros earlier this week, for the coastal towns affected by the storm. "The idea with this plan is that the municipalities can meet the expenses caused by the latest storms such as the clean-up following the Saharan sand storm, the repair of infrastructure caused by the rain or the preparation of the beaches after the damage caused by the last storm," said the president of the Diputación, Francisco Salado.