112 incident

Out-of-control lorry fully loaded with gas cylinders crashes into Costa del Sol community swimming pool

It appears that the cause of the accident may have been a handbrake failure as the driver was not in the vehicle at the time, according to sources

Wednesday, 13 March 2024, 14:10


A lorry fully loaded with butane gas cylinders crashed out-of-control in the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, on the eastern strip of the Costa del Sol this Wednesday morning (13 March). Fortunately, the vehicle ended up in the swimming pool of a residential development. Despite the dangerous nature of the goods it was carrying, it was all just a scare and no injuries were reported.

The incident happened at around 10.40am, when several eyewitnesses contacted the 112 Andalucía emergency service control room after hearing a bang and seeing the vehicle, which had plunged from Calle Isla Cristina street, in the Torre de Benagalbón area.

Apparently, the driver was outside the vehicle at the time because he was delivering gas cylinders and it is suspected that the cause of the accident could have been a failure of the handbrake, according to sources.

Members of the Malaga's CPB provincial fire brigade were quickly on the scene, as well as members of the Guardia Civil and the Local Police, and also medical services, although they were there only as a precautionary measure, as no-one was injured.

The fire brigade has been busy removing the cylinders, while the gas supply company is taking care of the vehicle. At the moment, the area remains cordoned off as a preventive measure while the recovery team is awaiting the arrival of a crane.

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