On Monday, waves of up to ten metres could be registered on the Malaga coast. File photograph. / SUR

Amber alert: 10-metre-high waves set to batter the Costa del Sol this week

Before that, Malaga province will be on a yellow weather warning this Sunday for strong winds, and the possibility of rain in the afternoon has not been ruled out


Malaga province will register strong winds this Sunday, 3 April, and the week will start on Monday with even more intense gusts of wind, and waves of up to ten-metres high. For this reason, the State Met Office, Aemet, has activated an amber alert for rough seas for April 4 throughout the day.

This Sunday the province will be on a yellow warning from ten in the morning until midnight, and skies with intervals of high clouds are expected to increase to cloudy. It is not ruled out that there will be weak and scattered rainfall starting in the afternoon, which will be more likely in the late hours on the western coast.

Maximum temperatures will drop in the western half of the province, and remain unchanged in the rest. Once again, the Ronda area will register the lowest values, with a minimum of 5C expected and a maximum of only 10. In general, the winds will blow from the east, getting stronger along the coast in the Costa del Sol (which includes Malaga city), Guadalhorce and Axarquia zones. The east and northeast wind will be force 7 and whip up waves of three to four metres.

There will also be a yellow notice in Almeria and Granada provinces and and amber in Cadiz. The warnings for coastal phenomena will be activated in Cadiz, according to Europa Press, from 7 am and in Almeria and Granada from 10.

By provinces, the alert for coastal phenomena in Cadiz is activated in the Strait and on the Cadiz coast; in Almeria in the west, Almeria capital and eastern Almeria and in Granada on the coast. In Andalucía, an increase in cloudiness from south to north to cloudy skies with a predominance of medium and high clouds is expected this Sunday. Weak and scattered rainfall is not ruled out on the Mediterranean slope starting in the afternoon. The snow level will drop to 800-1000 metres at the end of the day.

As for temperatures, Aemet foresees few changes, except for the maximum in the provinces of Cadiz, Malaga and Almería, which will drop. Light frosts are expected in areas of the eastern interior. The winds will blow from the east component, intensifying to strong on the Mediterranean coast, with occasional very strong gusts on the eastern coast. In the Strait there will be a strong lift with very strong gusts.

Amber alert on Monday

During Monday, the skies will be cloudy in Malaga or covered with rainfall that will be widespread during the day, according to the Met Office forecast, and will be less likely and weak in the eastern third of the province. The snow level will be 1,200-1,400 metres at the start of the day, and will rise to 1,600-1,800 metres during the day. The minimum temperatures will rise and the maximum will remain unchanged.

The great threat of the day, according to Aemet, will be the wind, and the province will be on an amber alert for coastal phenomena throughout the day. The intense gusts will be strong on the coast, with very strong gusts of force 8 to 9 on the western coast at the start of the day, tending to decrease during the day, and to be weak and variable in the eastern third.

The highest waves could reach around 10 metres high, according to the Aemet forecast.