When there is heavy rain, the processions cannot go ahead. / sur

Spain's Met Office is forecasting “relatively stable” Easter week weather in Andalucía

Aemet says it expects some rain on Monday and Tuesday but not the storms which often occur in the spring

E.P. Seville

The Aemet weather agency’s representative in Andalucía, Luis Fernando López Cotín, said today (Friday, 8 April) that the weather for Easter week will be “relatively stable”, although there could be rain on Monday and Tuesday due to a deep depression in the North Atlantic. This is the first Easter since 2019 that the processions are able to take place, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Canal Sur Radio, López Cotín said that “apart from that inconvenience” in the early part of the week, the rest of the week will be marked by stability from a meteorological point of view.

The rain “will not be isolated storms which we normally get in the spring,” he said, just rain that the weather agency can track quite easily via its radar network. The front will enter from the west and sweep across the peninsula towards the east.

Everybody involved in the Easter processions, and those keen to watch them, are crossing their fingers that they will all be able to go ahead as planned.