Benalmádena to honour Islamic botanist with new park

A statue of Islamic botanist ibn al-Baytar.
A statue of Islamic botanist ibn al-Baytar. / T. Bryant
  • This Mozarabic-style garden will have shaded areas and water features and will costs approximately 35,000 euro

Benalmádena town hall has announced an initiative to plant 250 trees as part of its development of the new ibn al-Baytar Park.

The trees, which include pine, ash, cork oak, white and black poplar and mulberry, are part of the first stage of the new green space, which will be a Mozarabic style garden (in homage to the Islamic botanist who gives the park its name) with shaded areas and water features costing approximately 35,000 euros.

The environmental restoration project is aimed at promoting recreational, sports and cultural activities in a natural environment.

The park, which will be located on the site of the old treatment plant in Benalmádena, will be "a place of recreation for residents and will become a green lung for Benalmádena", mayor Víctor Navas said.