Mark Nayler

Mark Nayler


A freelance journalist, Mark wrote for Spear’s magazine and the New Statesman in London before relocating to Spain. In addition to his weekly finance column and features for SUR in English, he also writes on Spanish politics for The Spectator.

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  • 15 Sep 2023 17:31

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    The Euro Zone

    Mark Nayler

    Memory loss

    In a speech former prime minister José María Aznar accused Pedro Sánchez of "constitutional self-destruction" for considering pardons for the Catalan activists, apparently forgetting his own negotiations of 1996

  • 08 Sep 2023 13:54

    No consensus

    Speaking to reporters outside a conference on Wednesday, the hold-over finance minister Nadia Calviño said she was "quite confident" that an agreement would be in place before everyone heads home for Christmas

  • 01 Sep 2023 19:15

    It's a two-woman race

    Both Spain's former economy minister Nadia Calviño and Denmark's ex-deputy prime minister Margrethe Vestager are in the race to be the next boss of the European Investment Bank (EIB)

  • 16 Jun 2023 16:47

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    TheEuro Zone

    Mark Nayler

    Robin Hood economics

    Yolanda Díaz wants a tax regime that demands more from high-net-worth individuals and large corporations as well as an increase in Spain's productivity

  • 09 Jun 2023 15:13

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    The Euro Zone

    Mark Nayler

    Any last requests?

    Pedro Sánchez's government has requested another massive EU loan ahead of the early general election on 23 July - some 86 billion euros

  • 21 Apr 2023 11:53

    Safe house?

    Neither side has pointed out the obvious: that the housing issue in Spain is inextricably tied to the problem of unemployment, especially youth unemployment

  • 20 Feb 2023 19:37

    An inspector calls

    The German politician told the Spanish daily that she was "very worried" about the lack of transparency over how the country is using its chunk of Next Gen funds

  • 16 Dec 2022 14:57

    Under the law

    What determines whether or not a public figure - or anybody else - is guilty of "illicit enrichment" is not the amount of money they acquire, but the means by which it's acquired


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