Several renewable energy projects are being handled by the Acclerator Unit. / sur

Andalucía’s Accelerator Unit handles some 58 projects worth 8.8 billion euros

This regional government department aims to speed up the bureaucratic process so initiatives can be put into effect as quickly as possible


The Junta de Andalucía’s Project Accelerator Unit is currently helping with 58 initiatives which are worth 8.8 billion euros in total and are expected to generate 38,455 jobs in the region.

The unit promotes and coordinates major investment projects so they are processed and put into effect as swiftly as possible, and provides advice to companies about the procedures their plans will have to go through.

The project with the highest value at present is in Cosentino, Almeria, where the business park is being expanded at a cost of 719 million euros. Other high-worth initiatives include Iberdrola’s plan to build solar panel and wind turbine parks, which is costing 640 million euros, and Solar Bay’s plan to create solar panel parks in Seville for 367 million euros.

The mining sector also accounts for some of these major projects, including the expansion of the copper mine at Riotinto (Huelva), worth 420 million euros, and iron ore mining at Alquife, in Granada, for 200 million euros.

Others include a recycling plant for electric and electronic materials, costing 250 million euros, and the construction of three hotels in Marbella, worth 400 million, and in El Puerto de Santa María, Conil and Castellar de la Frontera (all in Cadiz province) for over 300 million.

Some of these projects are being carried out by the regional government itself, such as the new hospitals in the cities of Malaga and Jaén.

The majority of these initiatives are industrial in nature (23), followed by renewable energies (13), tourism (88) and mining (6).

By province, Cordoba tops the list with 11 projects, then Cadiz with 10, Huelva (8), Malaga (7), Jaén (5), Almeria (4) and Granada (2).