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Andalucía registers 110,459 requests for Covid-19 sick leave since 30 December

Most were processed through the Junta's Salud Responde mobile app


Workers in Andalucía made 110,459 requests for sick leave because of positive coronavirus cases since 30 December 2021 it has been revealed. Some 90,656 of these requests were made through the Salud Responde mobile app, according to the Junta's Ministry of Health and Families.

Since 24 December, the Health department has handled 3.7 million inquiries via phone or mobile app, including 1.5 million calls to its 955 54 50 60 telephone line. On Monday 27 December, the service received 199,516 calls. Demand is up 87 per cent on average.

The main reason why people contacted Salud Responde was to make appointments to see a doctor, paediatrician or primary care nurse. During this period, some 188,670 appointments were also made to have children vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The 900 400 061 phone line dedicated to information about Covid-19 received 70,900 calls, bringing the total number of calls it has received since the start of the pandemic to 1.3 million.