Drought draws closer for the Axarquía as reservoir levels drop due to summer demand

La Viñuela reservoir is likely to reach critical levels.
La Viñuela reservoir is likely to reach critical levels. / Agustín Peláez
  • Fruit growers will bear the brunt as the first water shortage since November 2008 becomes a likelihood

The threat of drought in the Axarquía continues to loom as the area's population increases in the summer months. The Viñuela reservoir is hovering above its minimum levels at 54 square hectometres, but the Axarquía has been on alert for two years and if there is no rainfall between now and the end of September and levels drop to 45 square hectometres, a drought will officially be declared.

Water authorities said that last week 1.1 square hectometres of water were used, which if levels keep dropping at that rate would mean the reservoir would reach the 45 threshold by mid-September.

The agricultural sector would feel the impact first as restrictions would be put in place, prioritising water for domestic use.

The last time a drought was declared in the Axarquía was November 2008.