What’s needed in the fight against ALS

We asked Francisco Luzón, the president of the foundation which bears his name, what he considers is needed most in the fight against ALS. This is what he said: “The Minister for Health wants to set up a National Plan against ALS, which is very positive news for those of us who suffer from it. In the name of the Luzón Foundation, I will list the five things which we believe should be a priority:

First: that every ALS patient receives the same treatment no matter which region of Spain they live in.

Second: modify the law of dependence for people with this illness, which isn’t like others such as cancer or heart conditions. It often takes over a year for certain needs to be met. Some patients have died before receiving the help they need.

Third: improve treatment for patients in their home, where they spend 90 per cent of their life.

Fourth: create specialist units for ALS in a few hospitals where patients receive multidisciplinary clinical treatment.

Fifth: start investing in research now, taking advantage of the investigative talent which already exists. Spain is low down the list in this field among developed European countries.”