Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton has lived in Málaga since 1995. His many and varied jobs during his time here have included musician, radio presenter, writer and pub owner. He currently combines these experiences, providing entertainment at his pub The Shakespeare in Malaga city centre.

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15/06/2018 13:31


Follow the money

Here we go, etc. - the World Cup's off to a flier, then. Not a ball had yet been kicked when Spain unceremoniously sacked their manager for announcing that he would be Real Madrid's new coach next season only days before his team's tasty tournament o

08/06/2018 11:41


Say hello, wave goodbye

Crumbs, it's all been happening in Spanish politics this week. I'm sure that it won't have escaped your attention that Mariano Rajoy has been ousted from his position as prime minister of the country after the list of corruption cases associated with

04/06/2018 14:01


The kids aren't alright

You've about as much chance of seeing a dodo waddling down your local high street as spotting a child with bloody knees these days. Such is our paranoia and zealous over-protection of the little tykes, that they've become like latter day porcelain do

18/05/2018 11:48


Pocket science

Since starting up a business three years ago, the contents of my pockets has changed radically. Until 2015, those selfsame pockets contained just two or three keys plus a few bank notes and a smattering of coins. That was it. No mobile phone and cert

11/05/2018 15:44


So annoying

Great news everybody - problems don't exist any more. Well, ok, technically they do but you might be forgiven for thinking they don't because you never hear the word itself these days. The reason for this is that problems are now called "challenges"

04/05/2018 15:19


Don't offence me in

Modern Life Is Rubbish. The wildly overrated pop group Blur proffered this truism as an album title back in the mid nineties, so heaven knows what they'd need to come up with these days to encapsulate even half of the lunacy we're currently witness t

27/04/2018 15:12


Ace of clubs

Many moons ago, while visiting San Francisco and feeling a little peckish, I made the fatal mistake of ordering a club sandwich from a downtown takeaway place, just to tide me over until tea time. The chap behind the counter, smiled knowingly at the

25/04/2018 19:48


This alarming man

There are various categories which musicians fall into: the brilliant arrogant ones, the brilliant humble ones, the half-decent arrogant ones, the half-decent humble ones, the rubbish arrogant ones (usually found singing in bars unable to comprehend

13/04/2018 15:28


Back home

Playing mini golf in the rain was as near as I could get to a UK seaside day out experience this time around. Actually, we played in a park in London but it still counts, I think. The raindrops creeping slowly down the back of my neck during the game

06/04/2018 14:27


The clean, clean class of home

Going on holiday is one of life's greatest pleasures. Or at least it should be. The trouble is that by the time you've tied up all the loose ends before your departure you're almost too whacked to be bothered at all. The worst of all the chores to be

23/03/2018 15:55


Under the bored walk

'Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon/I hope my legs don't break, walking on the moon.' Thus went the none-too-inspirational opening lines of The Police's not-very-good 1979 song Walking On The Moon. Rumours that Leonard Cohen co-wrote

16/03/2018 14:01


Choosing's my religion

It's exhausting. All that choice that's on offer for everything we ever do. Even the simplest of pleasures is converted into a labyrinth of decision-making by the sheer volume and variety of everything around us. If you want to spend the evening w

02/03/2018 17:20


Reason to believe

The much-maligned Málaga Metro (how's that for alliteration?) is going to come in handy over the next few weeks. After a hiatus of many months, I'm finally going to start rehearsing some new songs with a view to recording them. The studio where we'll

23/02/2018 18:35


Crazy paving

They're digging up the street outside the The Shakespeare. Right outside - inches away, in fact and it's a big operation. They'll be replacing pipes and drains and Lord knows what else before laying down some brand new and - we hope - really beautifu

16/02/2018 11:37


Swift justice

Normally, I'd find myself being immediately repelled by anyone using their middle initial in their name, but I'll most certainly make an exception in the case of the magnificent Judge Michael W Fitzgerald. A couple of days ago, this fine chap deftly

09/02/2018 16:50


First class delivery

I ordered something online a couple of weeks ago and it's just arrived today. I have to say the service has been impeccable from start to finish and I'm delighted to be able to give fulsome praise where it's due. Sadly, this is far from the norm.

02/02/2018 12:30


Seeing stars

TripAdvisor is very useful if you own a business. I've lost count of the number of customers, especially tourists, who have visited The Shakespeare after having read our online reviews and we're very grateful for that. For those readers unaware of

26/01/2018 18:15


Too cool for fuel

There was quite a kerfuffle when I was a lad when it was decreed, seemingly out of the blue, that hamburgers, which had always been called hamburgers, couldn't be called hamburgers any more because, well, they weren't made out of ham. People proteste

19/01/2018 14:17


Heat, drink and be merry

It's bitterly cold as I write. Actually, after a few years of mild winters, these temperatures are reminiscent of those I recall prevailing at this time of year when I first arrived in Malaga in the nineteen nineties. Big scarves and woolly hats were

12/01/2018 11:59


Guilt-edged hoards

You can feel it in the air. The kind of guilt-fuelled manic activity that only this time of year can bring. Lots of people doing lots of stuff, although not necessarily with much focus or staying power. By the middle of February most of us will have

05/01/2018 12:26


Never-ending story

At the moment of writing, there are still a couple of days left of the Christmas period. By the time the three kings have paraded proudly through the streets, chucking vast quantities of sweets at - sorry, to - infinite crowds of children (some of wh

29/12/2017 19:05


New Year's revolution

Two thousand and eighteen has a nice ring to it; let's hope it's a good sign and the new year brings us all joy and wonder in equal measure. As is the custom at this time, I thought I'd offer some predictions for the next twelve months. In the worl

22/12/2017 13:14



Apiece of a bus fell on my head last week. I realise that that's probably not a sentence you expected to read when you got out of bed this morning but it is, nonetheless, entirely true. There we were, five passengers and a driver tootling merrily

15/12/2017 15:10


Virtual insanity

Crypto kittens are selling for one hundred thousand dollars a pop, apparently. Crypto kittens - in case you didn't know - are virtual cartoon cats related in some way to Bitcoin, while Bitcoin itself is a virtual currency related in some way to total

11/12/2017 17:57


Against all odds

It'll be my birthday on the 27th of this month. I'm loathe to mention it, really, principally because of the myriad problems it'll inevitably cause the poor receptionist at the SUR in English offices. Let's face it, nobody likes to be on the receivin

01/12/2017 12:43


More waste, less speed

So much wasted time. These were, purportedly, the last words of 1970's singer and erstwhile heartthrob David Cassidy who died last week. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought "Blimey, that would be a pretty fitting epitaph for me too when my num

25/11/2017 13:16


Local zero

There's a fun game you can play if you ever get bored in Malaga city centre these days - it's called 'Spot The Malagueño.' A gentle stroll along the main streets and thoroughfares of this wonderful town will bring you into contact with a veritable un

10/11/2017 15:45


Judge dreadful

We try our very best not to judge others but, let's face it, we all do. It's human nature, I suppose, part of the evolutionary tool kit man has developed to ensure his survival over thousands of years. Sitting in a parked car in London with my bro

03/11/2017 14:59


Park life

There's a public town square quite close to where the pub is located and I'll often pass through on my way to run some errand or other. With the best of intentions the council has installed a children's playground of sorts, although the lack of avail

20/10/2017 17:34


So long, Hollywood

If you don't like watching films, social events can become a bit awkward sometimes, especially if the topic of conversation turns to what is generally considered to be a classic and it's simply understood that everyone present has seen it. Star Wars

13/10/2017 15:15


Eternal blame

Children's ludicrous antics can be quite hilarious. For example, when they do something wrong but immediately look around for someone else to blame, pointing randomly in any direction except their own. The trouble is, it's quite funny when someone's

03/10/2017 19:09


The lovers of invention

The name Antonio Ibáñez de Alba is one you may have read in the news over the last couple of weeks because he's the splendid inventor of what's become known as water that it's impossible to drown in. Just that phrase alone - "water that it's impossib

15/09/2017 15:27


Face oddity

When things go wrong for people on big occasions, you inevitably feel sorry for them unless you've got a heart made of reinforced tungsten, in which case you'll snigger to yourself like Muttley in The Wacky Races. This empathy we experience applies t

11/09/2017 18:39


Buy local

Although I was never a boy scout, I'll always have a soft spot for the organisation largely because of its being the proud owner of the best motto the world has ever seen: "Be Prepared." That's just magnificent, isn't it? Simple, universally applicab

01/09/2017 17:40


Forever autumn

Wahaaay!! Here we go - the most wonderful time of the year is upon us once again. The month of September ushers in a marvellous period offering everything that's good about living in Malaga: cool breezes, darker evenings drawing in, the odd rainstorm

25/08/2017 17:44


A whisper to the wise

Blimey, England's quiet isn't it? Having just got back to Malaga after a flying visit, I'm still readjusting to the hullaballoo that the city offers even in a supposedly tranquil period such as this just after the city fair. The contrast in decibel l

04/08/2017 18:53


Set in stone

There's an old adage in show business that says that when it comes to making a set list of songs for a gig, you should open with tons of energy and close with a crowd pleaser. It's much more prosaic than that in its original form, but that's about th

21/07/2017 16:54


The steal industry

Flicking through the pages of the Spanish press some days, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the entire country was filled to the brim with armies of corrupt buffoons cheating, swindling, and diddling their way through life, living high on the hog,

03/07/2017 16:18


Wheelie wheelie worrying

The city of Malaga's exponential growth as a tourist destination continues unabated. The number of wheelie suitcases being trundled around town at any given moment is quite astonishing, although not nearly as astonishing as the minuscule size of some

19/06/2017 16:42


Beer money

There's been much ado lately about an odd advertising campaign which was launched a couple of weeks ago by a leading Spanish beer company. Actually, it was pretty tame stuff but because so many people are constantly poised to be offended or outraged

09/06/2017 18:16


Summertime blues

Here comes summer, then, crashing in as usual, like a local middle-aged drunk at the annual student party - totally expected but really annoying anyway. The temperate beauty and modesty of spring is simply barged out of the way by an unforgiving heat

02/06/2017 15:20


Pinch of salt and Sgt Pepper

The story goes that, at the height of The Beatles' fame, when asked by a wide-eyed reporter if Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, John Lennon replied that he wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles. Whether it was Lennon who actually

26/05/2017 13:15


Don't speak

Being a pop star must be a discombobulating experience. One minute you're miming into a hair brush in front of your bedroom mirror and, next thing you know, you're miming into a microphone on national television. What comes next is the worrying bi

19/05/2017 19:43


Water palaver

A few years back, the water was cut off for four days in the flat I was living in - a quite miserable experience, compounded by the fact that none of it was in any way my fault. Well, blow me down, if same thing didn't happen yesterday, but this time

12/05/2017 13:10


Milking the cash cow

This year, St Patrick's day came and went, awash in pints of Irish stout and huge comedy hats, as is the custom. Laughably, though, the marketing boffins thought it would be a good idea to try to dupe the public into extending the whole shebang into

05/05/2017 13:19


The marry marry month of May

Not long ago, I scribbled something on these hallowed pages about how, far from being a romantic gesture, asking your girlfriend to marry you in public, is actually a heavy-handed emotional manipulation. Well, guess what happened to me last night?

28/04/2017 13:34


Flied breakfast

Man, they're annoying. Just when you think you've seen the last of them, they appear again from nowhere, imposing themselves on our lives with a pompous arrogance rarely seen outside the world of professional football. No, I'm not talking about polit

21/04/2017 12:14


The geek shall inherit the Earth

They're at it again. Our hipster chums in Silicon Valley are predicting the future for us. Apparently, sooner than we think, smart phones will become obsolete and we'll all be sporting augmented reality headsets. Hang on a minute. Haven't we been h

11/04/2017 14:28


Thought for your pennies

One of our regular customers down at the pub pays his bills at the end of each evening with his mobile phone. In a rather disconcerting digital coupling, phone and credit card machine screens are brought together for a fleetingly chaste kiss and Bing

31/03/2017 15:10


Bossed in translation

Translating a technical manual is fairly straightforward but deadly boring. I worked on one once and nothing could persuade me to do it ever again - it felt like somebody was sucking all life force from my body with a rusty syringe. Very slowly. By

27/03/2017 15:21


Emotional baggage

Many moons ago, I worked at a major airport in the UK. The job was a mundane but necessary one - making sure that baggage trolleys were correctly distributed throughout the complex at all times. This meant that vast teams of trolley blokes would w

17/03/2017 15:36


The brothers of invention

"I've done you a Mickey Mouse." "Gnnnffgghiaggg." "Here, I'll draw it for you. See - big Mickey Mouse ears that lock into the previous filling. That should stop it breaking off and avoid having to put a crown in. Crown's are really expensive."

10/03/2017 19:31


So traumatic for the people

In a desperate race to the bottom, we appear to be hell bent these days, on trying do outdo each other as to who among us has the most to complain about. It's a kind of Top Trumps for victims. "My father was a cold authoritarian figure, who only ev

03/03/2017 15:07


The boy in the bubble

There can be no doubt that we live in a complex world. Well, that's what you'd think everyone would believe but, no, apparently not. It would seem from social media feeds and, in fact from just talking to people, that everything is much more black an

24/02/2017 19:33


Food forethought

We eat too much. The media is riddled with self-proclaimed experts, wringing their hands, shaking their incredulous heads and talking earnestly about obesity as if it were inflicted upon us by some malevolent outside agency. I can't remember the exac

17/02/2017 17:58


Law and disorder

It's not fashionable to be prejudiced these days, but I'm afraid I am. Against tidy people. Let's be honest, tidy people are a blight on our happiness, milling about as they do, sighing heavily and putting things in order for no discernible reason. T

16/02/2017 11:08


A change would do you good

Davey plonks a couple pints down on the table. "Cheers, Mike! Hey, how did you get on on Saturday?" "Cheers, Davey! Oh my God - we lost on penalties. Couldn't believe it. Some of the players were actually crying and everything. It's all over YouTub

03/02/2017 16:00


Momentary lapse of reason

For some reason, we keep getting exhorted to "live in the moment". Social media, daily newspapers and quite a few radio programmes appear to be filled with people telling us that this would be a wise and productive thing to do. Self-appointed gurus g

27/01/2017 15:01


Men without hats

Chuck and TJ are lying back on a pair of hay bales, taking a break from working the land, somewhere deep in Nebraska. An unforgiving sun beats down on their craggy, lined faces but, that's alright, they're quite used to the weather; they've doing thi

20/01/2017 17:02


The snowflake generation

It all came as a bit of a beautiful shock when snow fell on the Costa del Sol this week. Ok, I'm sure Captain Oates wouldn't have been too discombobulated at the intensity of the falling flakes but it it was quite a moment nonetheless. Snow is pe

18/01/2017 17:09


New Year's revolution

January is renowned for being a melancholy month, as hordes of people try to come to terms with their post-Christmas blues and going back to work while at the same time sixth-sensing the unstoppable approach of a credit card bill of a size not dissim

17/01/2017 10:12



Yes, our colleague was at your address this morning, sir, to collect the apparatus, as arranged." "I'm sorry, he definitely wasn't. I know because I didn't leave the house. In fact, I changed my plans just to wait in for him." "It's written here

30/12/2016 10:04


By George, he made it!

I never bought any George Michael records, although I did quite like Different Corner, Faith and his moving version of I Can't Make You Love Me. Wham!, like so many eighties pop groups, haunted my youth, blasting out from speakers in nightclubs and p