Ivan Gelibter


Buenos Aires (1987). Iván is the SUR correspondent in the Guadalhorce area. He studied Journalism at Malaga University.

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27/08/2021 16:58


Malaga province leaves the coronavirus 'extreme risk' zone

The fifth wave of the coronavirus in Malaga is one step closer to being history, despite the fact that some of the data this Friday, 27 August is not all good news. The incidence rate in the province has fallen to 246 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

13/08/2021 10:15


Malaga hits the one million people fully-jabbed milestone

More than a million people in Malaga have already received their complete Covid-19 vaccination schedule - that is almost 60 per cent of the province's population. Specifically, some 1,004,786 have already received the full number of doses of one of

06/08/2021 10:03


Health centres start calling 12-year-olds for their Covid jabs

The vaccination of the last age range to be coronavirus jabbed in Andalucía - the very youngest - is about to become a reality. Some health centres in Malaga province are already calling the parents of twelve-year-old children - the minimum age allow

23/07/2021 11:54


Enough is enough

We've seen it coming for that last few days but that doesn't make it any less outrageous. The Junta de Andalucía has jumped on the nonsense bandwagon and has proposed - as other regions governed by other parties have done - that they take away our fr

04/06/2021 16:53


Holiday World's Village Hotel to reopen on 18 June

The Holiday World hotel complex in Benalmádena has this week announced that its Village Hotel will reopen on 18 June, in addition to the Polynesia Hotel and Beach Club which will do so a week earlier on 10 June. With these reopenings, the company i

14/05/2021 13:22


Mijas council provides land for La Cala secondary school extension

In response to a fast-growing population and the consequent shortage of school places in the Mijas area, the council has approved the transfer of 10,000 square metres of land next to IES La Cala de Mijas for the regional government to carry out expan

07/05/2021 13:47


Three new car parks in Las Lagunas set to cost 50 million

Mijas council has confirmed thats plans are under way for three new underground car parks in the Las Lagunas area: in Parque Fernán Caballero, Parque Andalucía and Los Santos. Councillor José Carlos Martín said that the three new car parks, with 1,

30/04/2021 18:19


Benalmádena mayor told to resign over election protocol breach

The opposition PP on Benalmádena council has called for mayor Víctor Navas to resign after it was announced this week that Navas would have to go to court over an election protocol beach. The PSOE politician shared messages on social media (which w

30/04/2021 17:42


Guided tours for residents in a bid to boost local tourism in Mijas

With movement around the country still limited, Mijas town hall has set up an initiative to promote local tourism and try to bring activity back to the town. The council's Tourism and Foreigners departments, coordinated by José Carlos Martín and A

23/04/2021 18:03


Owners face fines for not diluting dog urine in Torremolinos

Dog owners in Torremolinos are now obliged to dilute their pets' urine in the streets, or face fines of between 75 and 500 euros. "With this measure we are responding to an important demand from residents that will result in the improvement of com

23/04/2021 14:51


Gibraltar, enjoying life without masks

The Union flag was flying at half-mast when we visited Gibraltar because, like the UK, people in this British Overseas Territory were mourning the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. But in contrast with London, their tears were not being caught by the t

16/04/2021 18:04


Mijas council's 2021 road resurfacing plan starts

Mijas council has started up its 2021 plan for maintenance of the roads in the municipality that fall under its control. The budget for the repairs to be carried out this year is 350,000 euros. Initially 16 streets will be resurfaced at a cost of

26/03/2021 18:09


New-look square is unveiled in Mijas Pueblo, ready to greet tourists

Mijas council is already preparing for the long-awaited return of tourists and this week reopened the newly refurbished square in front of the town's tourist office in Mijas Pueblo. The works, which covered a 2,500-square-metre area, cost 470,000

26/03/2021 16:03


Process to return territory lost in Fuengirola 'land grab' begins

Fuengirola has been the fourth most populated town in the province for the last year, but when the municipal census for 2021 is drawn up there will be a significant drop in the number of inhabitants. The reason for this is that for the last few weeks

26/03/2021 11:23


Selwo Aventura reopens its doors with some new arrivals

Selwo Aventura, a firm-favourite visitor attraction on the Costa del Sol since 1999, will open its doors again this Friday (26 March) after being closed for several months due to the coronavirus control measures. Not even the pandemic could stop na

19/03/2021 12:42


Three kilometres of Mijas Costa walkway included in 2021 budget

A complete coastal footpath between Fuengirola and Marbella has moved one stop closer with Mijas councillor for Infrastructures and Works José Carlos Martín confirming to SUR that the section that runs from La Cala to Fuengirola, valued at 4.3 millio

19/03/2021 10:12


Work to restore and expand the Byblos hotel starts at last

The iconic Byblos hotel on Mijas Golf is set to reopen its doors in 2022, as major refurbishment and rebuilding works started on Wednesday after the hotel lay abandoned for more than a decade. The milestone event was marked by a presentation attend

12/03/2021 20:40


Save the Queen

If I'd been born in England, I would be one of those who wave the British flag with great conviction at each and every one of the Queen's jubilees. I say this in jest, but I have to admit that this lady inspires a certain admiration in me. It's n

13/02/2021 15:59


Ideas sought over what to do with closed La Cala hospitality school

The regional ministry for Employment this week sent out a call to tourism industry professionals to give their views on the future of the CioMijas hospitality school and hotel in La Cala de Mijas. It has been abandoned since 2015. The Junta de Anda

01/02/2021 13:55


How to keep the Brits on the Costa del Sol

So much has happened since 23 June 2016 that it is hard to believe that more than four and a half years have passed. The Brexit referendum has affected not only the United Kingdom but also the whole of the European Union and especially regions or pro

01/02/2021 13:28


More than 220,000 100-euro face mask fines issued in Malaga province

The province of Malaga has recorded at least 220,000 police reports from June to December for people not wearing a face mask - or not wearing it properly- breaking the order of 14 July in which the use of masks was made mandatory with a penalty of 10

22/01/2021 18:42


Benalmádena mayor seeks to avoid future housing on Tivoli site

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, has said he wants the Junta de Andalucía to give extra planning protection to the land currently occupied by the popular Tivoli World amusement park to prevent any housing development speculation in the future.

20/01/2021 10:56


Club La Costa goes into liquidation - Covid crisis and Brexit blamed

Club La Costa World, whose headquarters are in Mijas on Spain's Costa del Sol, has announced that it has been placed into liquidation. The bankruptcy administrator, Juan Carlos Robles, has told SUR that the liquidation affects seven companies in S

12/01/2021 10:44


Mass coronavirus screening tests ramped up in Malaga province

The increase in the Covid-19 contagion rate in the province of Malaga - which already exceeds 300 per 100,000 inhabitants - has accelerated the rate of mass screening carried out by Junta de Andalucía. On Monday mobile screening units were in Gaucí

08/01/2021 18:16


Mijas gives out grants to 3,500 self-employed

Mijas council handed out subsidies of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros to more than 3,500 self-employed workers in the municipality in 2020. The aid, aimed at relieving the effects of the pandemic crisis, amounts to around 12 million euros, the larges

12/12/2020 13:16


Benalmádena ice rink closes due to sharp fall in users

The ice rink in Benalmádena took its users by surprise last weekend, informing them that the activities due to take place had been cancelled as the complex was closing. Given the surprise caused by the closure, mayor Víctor Navas offered his "suppo

06/11/2020 13:00


Tesco products now in Mijas as The Food Co opens latest store

The some 14,000 British residents in Mijas and Fuengirola now have a selection of Tesco products available on their doorstep. The Food Co, a firm with an exclusive licence to sell goods from Tesco in Spain, opened only its second store in Spain on

03/11/2020 13:23


Bus travel will soon be free for all Fuengirola residents

Fuengirola town hall's policy to give all residents free bus travel was approved without a single vote against in a council session last week. The council will now look into creating a new Municipal Mobility Card which can be acquired by anyone who

02/11/2020 20:02


'No election has divided America as much as this one'

The Tuesday after the first Monday in November in a leap year is a day like any other in Spain, but in the US it means election day, when the people choose their president thanks to an usual voting system which is unique in the world. The unusual

23/10/2020 15:04


Work has begun on the new water deposit for Mijas Pueblo

Work to build the new water deposit in Mijas Pueblo - which has been made possible thanks to a special charge on municipal water bills for infrastructure projects - began this week. The project is being carried out jointly by the council and the A

02/10/2020 16:29


Mijas tourist guide rewritten to reach bigger audience

With the slump in visitors due to the pandemic, Mijas has seized the opportunity to rewrite its tourism guide in a bid to reach more people. The new 14-page document has been produced iin Spanish, English, French and German. It now includes four

22/06/2020 18:37


Fuengirola's new marina will be an open space with views to the sea

Details of the long-awaited project to create a new marina in Fuengirola have been announced. This infrastructure, which mayor Ana Mula says is "vital" for the town, is to be built on the same level as the seafront promenade and will therefore be ope

12/06/2020 15:09

LifeStyle | What to do

Julieta, pleased to see visitors again

Julieta is thought to be about 50 years old, although it is difficult to tell her exact age. What is known about this female chimpanzee, who has lived in the Bioparc in Fuengirola since it first opened in 2001, is that she was born in a circus and ta

05/06/2020 15:47


Mijas council designates land for a new school in Riviera del Sol

In response to growing demand from residents, Mijas mayor, Josele González, and councillor for Town Planning, Andrés Ruiz, announced on Wednesday that an 8,100-square-metre plot of land in Riviera del Sol had been designated for the construction of a

22/05/2020 15:18


One-million-euro resurfacing project set to start in Benalmádena

Benalmádena town hall has awarded a one-million-euro contract which will see 14.5 kilometres of the municipality's roads resurfaced. This measure comes as part of the council's 50-million-euro investment in public infrastructure, announced last wee

15/05/2020 15:18


More than 1,200 'autónomos' in Mijas apply for grants

Just a week after the launch of its 'Plan Mijas', the town hall has already received more than 1,200 applications from self-employed and SMEs for grants of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. After having listened to suggestions from local businesses, m

14/05/2020 02:14


The Finnish exodus from Fuengirola

Fuengirola is one of the Spanish towns with the most nationalities among its residents, but in Los Pacos you only hear Spanish (and not much) or Finnish spoken. This district is home to the biggest expat community of Finns in the world, even taking i

30/04/2020 16:28


Bioparc's Asmara, the oldest tigress in Europe, has died

Asmara, a Sumatran tiger that has lived in Fuengirola Bioparc since it opened in mid-2001, has died at the age of 19. She was the longest living tigress in the European conservation programme and the third oldest in the international Sumatran tiger

24/04/2020 14:54


Mijas to pay out up to 6,000 euros to self-employed and small firms

The town hall in Mijas is to throw a lifeline to potentially thousands of local self-employed and small firms, with payouts of between 3,000 to 6,000 euros for those worst hit by coronavirus. Mayor Josele González said this week that the council w

09/04/2020 14:04


Extra hospital beds for Costa ready at Carranque in record time

Almost 200 temporary hospital beds for Malaga and the Costa del Sol, ready to be used in record time. The regional Health ministry unveiled its extra Carranque I hospital facility this week, put together in a matter of days in part thanks to support

03/04/2020 18:57


Mijas town hall announces Covid-19 financial measures

Mijas council approved a raft of new financial measures in response to the pandemic during its first ever virtual meeting on Tuesday morning. Among the measures approved were financial support for SMEs and self-employed and low-income families, the

21/02/2020 14:28


New network of 'bike streets' announced for Fuengirola

The mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, has announced a cycling plan that will make bikes a priority on the town's roads. The plan will establish a network of bicycle-friendly streets, known as 'ciclocalles'. While these will still be open to motorised

19/02/2020 15:14


Mijas council to take over cleaning of residential developments

Residential developments in Mijas will now benefit from council-funded cleaning services, it has been announced. Though the majority of these developments have not yet been adopted by the town hall, mayor Josele González is keen to speed up the pro

07/02/2020 16:41


Torrequebrada promenade opens to the public eight years later

After eight years of delay, the promenade in Torrequebrada finally opened to the public this week. The final phase, which consisted of installing benches, lighting and access, has now been finished, drawing an end to a very "costly" project, as des

17/01/2020 17:25



We might find it hard to admit, but when Olivia Colman opens the envelope containing the winner of the Oscar for the best actor in a leading role she won't be shouting out "Antonioooo", emulating Penélope Cruz's cry of "Pedroooo!" at the ceremony sev

29/11/2019 15:57


Fuengirola waste contract changes hands after court ruling

All change in the contract to collect rubbish throughout Fuengirola and clean some of its streets. The council has voted to swap Urbaser as the provider of a big part of its waste management services and replace it with FCC. The change will take pl

01/11/2019 14:14


Old Mercacentro to be demolished to make way for brand-new project

Fuengirola. The future of the old Mercacentro building in central Fuengirola is now known. The winning project for the renewal of the town's most emblematic place of commerce was revealed on Wednesday by mayor Ana Mula. The design phase of the proj

25/10/2019 13:26


A Mijas beach has been closed again due to a broken sewage pipe

A beach in La Cala de Mijas had to be closed to the public again this week due to a break in a sewage pipe. This was the second time in two weeks that Los Cordobeses beach had to be closed for the same reason. Sources at Mijas town hall say the pi

25/10/2019 10:10


"The government is prepared, whatever happens"

Whether Britain leaves the EU with or without a deal, British residents will have to apply for residency papers during a certain period of time after Brexit. With their padrón certificate from their town hall and their green EU residency paper or c

20/09/2019 12:35


Mijas cracks down on unofficial tourist guides

Mijas council is planning to take action to stop people acting as unofficial tourist guides in the municipality, and is training local police officers on how to identify and deal with them. Tourism councillor José Carlos Martín says the local authori

20/09/2019 12:19


Benalmádena will complete the works on Torrequebrada seafront

Works will begin to complete the second phase of the promenade at Torrequebrada in the next few weeks, even though the local authority will have to finance the rest of this costly project itself because the grant from the Malaga provincial government

20/09/2019 10:51


No 'Wylers'

If I had been born in the UK I am convinced I would be one of those people who enthusiastically wave the British flag at the Queen's jubilees. I don't even need to specify which queen, because Elizabeth II is the only one who honours an institution i

09/08/2019 16:39


The World Padel Tour makes its return to La Cala de Mijas

It may only have been going for three years but the Mijas Open has already become one of the highlights of the World Padel Tour. Until Sunday, the fairground in La Cala de Mijas plays host to the world's top padel players as the tour reaches its half

26/07/2019 19:09


Local residents to vote on date of Mijas Pueblo feria

There will be a special council session in Mijas town hall starting at 7pm on Monday, 29 July, to decide on the dates for this year's feria in Mijas Pueblo. The meeting is open to the public and attendees will be encouraged to take part in a debat

05/07/2019 09:41


Control of Mijas council still unclear ahead of today's vote

What could happen today (5 July) in the council chamber of Mijas town hall, in Mijas Pueblo, was still unclear last night, as councillors gather to choose the municipality's mayor for the next four years. What will happen? Scenario One. The loca

01/07/2019 15:54


Refuse collectors reach initial agreement to end strike in Mijas

The refuse collection strike in Mijas was set to come to an end on Monday afternoon after the firm Urbaser agreed to renegotiate conditions with the workforce. An initial agreement was reached between employers and workforce on Sunday after Mijas t

28/06/2019 17:36


Mijas council edges towards a mayor-swapping coalition

Mijas is one of the few town halls in Spain where there is still no mayor sworn in following May's local elections. Now it is looking more likely that the centre-right Ciudadanos party (Cs) will do a deal with the conservative Partido Popular (PP) af

25/04/2019 18:04


Provincial government presents plan to combat rural depopulation

In the past few months, and especially with the general elections coming up, the debate has resumed again on 'empty Spain', the depopulation problem that affects rural areas all over the country, and Malaga is no exception. With this in mind, the '

12/04/2019 11:27


Refuse collection strike threat for next month in Fuengirola

The industrial unrest affecting refuse collection workers in Fuengirola that has been ongoing for two years is set to escalate once again in the coming weeks. Employees at the refuse collection operator, Urbaser, that holds a contract from the coun

29/03/2019 14:27


Phone-tapping revelations shock Mijas mayor and council

Just months from municipal elections, Mijas council has been rocked by a potential spying scandal and all political parties have expressed their shock at the revelation. Recently an independent audit began on a blocked management email account at

22/03/2019 17:18


World Padel Tour Marbella approaches final

After several years' hiatus, the World Padel Tour began last Saturday, 16 March in Marbella. To celebrate 70 years of the sport, ex-tennis player and Wimbledon champion, Manolo Santana, served as the patron of the event. Players this year included th

22/03/2019 13:06


Ex-mayor of Torremolinos says he won't stand again and quits PP

The former long-standing mayor of Torremolinos has announced that he is leaving the conservative Partido Popular (PP) and looks set to lend his support to the independent political group, Por Mi Pueblo. Pedro Fernández Montes was mayor of Torremoli

26/02/2019 17:26


Lost Roman past of Costa resort to be unearthed with dig

A six-year project is to be started in the shadow of Fuengirola's Sohail castle to discover a lost ancient town. The Roman settlement of Suel was at the mouth of the Fuengirola river and now a team of archaeologists and anthropologists, supervised

22/02/2019 11:45


Quabit starts work on 700 new properties in La Cala de Mijas

Urbanisation work has now started to prepare for a development with 700 properties to be built in La Cala de Mijas by the firm Quabit. The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and the Planning councillor, Andrés Ruiz, announced the start of the w

22/02/2019 11:06


Cs threatens to end PP deal on west Costa group unless Nozal goes

The Ciudadanos party (Cs) has threatened to end its pact running the western Costa Mancomunidad. The public authority provides pooled services es, such as water supply, to 11 municipalities on the western Costa and Cs, with representatives on its

15/02/2019 16:24


Woodland behind La Cala to become new hub for nature tourism in Mijas

In a bid to promote year-round tourism, Mijas town hall is increasing its focus on other sectors to reduce the burden on sun and sand tourism. One such way has been to make the Alcornocal de la Roza del Aguado cork oak forest on the edge of La Cala d

15/02/2019 16:22


Land for new Mijas fire station set aside in Las Lagunas

After years of complaints, Mijas town hall on Monday announced a 7,000-square-metre plot of land in Las Lagunas, next to the Instituto La Vega secondary school, was to be set aside for the town's new fire station. The new station will be located ne

01/02/2019 11:54


Mayor takes Nueva Torrequebrada rail station plans to Madrid

A possible new railway station on the local Cercanías line at Nueva Torrequebrada took a step forward recently at a meeting in Madrid. Locals have been campaigning for the extra stop for years, and for the first time a mayor of Benalmádena has take

28/01/2019 11:23


The World Padel Tour returns with a Costa double header

The international World Padel Tour (WPT) announced its official calendar for 2019 on Monday with both Marbella and Mijas set to host events. In the case of the former, the tournament will be in Masters format and kicks off the new season, taking pl

25/01/2019 11:27


Socialists break local government pact in Mijas and blame the mayor

The local branch of the PSOE Socialist party in Mijas has broken the local government coalition pact with Ciudadanos, the party of the mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado. The split comes after a week of friction and quarreling between the two parties, wh

18/01/2019 13:26


Councils' joint street upgrade due by Easter

The councillor for Infrastructure in Mijas, José Carlos Martín, has said that joint roadworks being carried out with Fuengirola on a street on the municipal border are "now halfway through" and are expected to be finished before Easter. Both counci

11/01/2019 12:53


331,000-euro dog park opens in Las Lagunas

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, announced on Wednesday that the work on the new dog park in Las Lagunas has been completed and would open on Thursday. "We are happy to announce the opening of this park for all the residents of the town

11/01/2019 12:39


Torreblanca improvement works go out to tender

Following the conclusion of the first phase of infrastructure improvements in the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola before Christmas, the second, more complex phase has been put out to tender. Residents in this area have been demanding these improveme

11/01/2019 12:36


Parking a priority in new raft of infrastructure projects for Mijas

With just five months left of the legislature, Mijas town hall is to set in motion some 30 new infrastructure projects at a cost of 700,000 euros. According to SUR sources, half of these projects will be put out to tender in the coming weeks, and t

11/01/2019 12:16


Armed robber holds up bank in Calahonda

A local branch of La Caixa bank in Calahonda was held up by a "heavily-built" man with his face covered on Thursday, according to eyewitnesses and sources close to the investigation. According to these sources, the man entered the office, which had

26/12/2018 18:33


Local library with new stock this Christmas

Every Christmas, the public library in Arroyo de la Miel announces a selection of new books and audiovisual material available to the public. This year there are over 650 new titles in 13 different languages for adults, teenagers and children. In

07/12/2018 11:32


A new life for Buu in Fuengirola

Although these are the times of speed dating and Tinder, it is still possible to find love with the help of a matchmaker and arranged marriage. That, at least, is what is happening to one of the most famous inhabitants of Bioparc, a gorilla called Ec

30/11/2018 13:11


Mijas' second section of the coastal path opens

The new section of the Senda Litoral (coastal path) in Mijas opened between the beach bars El Capricho and El Juncal on Monday. The works, costing 900,000 euros, were paid for by the town hall. The funding for the remaining 5.3 kilometre stretch b

26/11/2018 14:10


Repairs start on Mijas coastal walkway

Repair work to the stretches of the coastal walkway damaged by the recent bad weather spell in Mijas have begun. Almost 36,000 euros are being spent to repair the paths with special security measures being implemented to guard against a repeat of t

16/11/2018 17:05


Las Lagunas school designated an ambassador for the EU

Not for the first time, the IES Las Lagunas secondary school has received recognition from a major organisation. Last year its headteacher received the National Education Prize, while this year it has been chosen by the European Parliament Liaison Of

16/11/2018 15:57


Benalmádena council starts campaign against shisha pipes

The excessive use of shisha pipes in bars in Benalmádena has provoked a campaign by the town's Health department to inform people of the dangers associated with them. According to Alicia Laddaga, Health councillor, one hour using one of these 'hub

16/11/2018 11:58


Ciudadanos proposes making voting easier for foreigners

Spokesperson for Ciudanandos in Fuengirola, Javier Toro, on Tuesday presented a motion to make it easier for foreign residents to vote in the European and municipal elections in May 2019. He proposed launching an informative campaign in Spanish, as

02/11/2018 11:18


Mijas defends its donkey taxis and says conditions have improved

Mijas town hall's announcement of new regulations to control the conditions of the animals providing Mijas Pueblo's traditional Burro-Taxi service has, far from being praised, revived calls from animal rights activists for an end to the tourist rides

26/10/2018 13:35


An erotic food trail around Fuengirola

An event that started as a way to promote the huge variety and quality of the gastronomy available in Fuengirola has now been running for ten years. This year the Ruta de la Tapa Erótica (Erotic Tapa Route), will begin on 1 November and continue unti

26/10/2018 13:03

What to do

Mijas holds its first cheese and wine festival

The Plaza Virgen de la Peńa in Mijas will be the venue for Mijas' first wine and cheese festival from today, 26 October until Sunday 28 October. There will be twenty-two stalls open from 1pm until midnight selling a huge variety of both wines and

26/10/2018 10:13


Pro-animal group pours scorn on Mijas council's donkey plan

Animal-rights campaigners, Pacma, have reacted angrily to plans by Mijas council to improve the conditions of the famous donkey-taxis for tourists in Mijas Pueblo. On Monday, the mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, announced details of a hoped-f

19/10/2018 16:20


Street improvement begins on the Mijas-Fuengirola border road

An agreement between Mijas and Fuengirola councils means that work on 300 metres of Calle Unión, on the border between the two municipalities, can start. The street is the dividing line between Las Lagunas, Mijas, and Fuengirola. The work, which

19/10/2018 11:54


Enrique Bolín, prolific former mayor of Benalmádena, dies at 78

...benalmádena. Enrique Bolín, former mayor of Benalmádena at different times since 1966, died on Wednesday night, aged 78. The current mayor, Víctor Navas, made the announcement on Thursday. Bolín had been a colourful personality in Benalmádena sinc

19/10/2018 11:20


Bridge to improve link to A-387 from El Lagarejo

Mijas council is to spend 868,000 euros on the construction of a bridge to provide improved access from residential estates to the A-387 Fuengirola-Mijas Pueblo road. The improved road link will give better access from the around 700 homes in the

15/10/2018 18:05


Councillor breaks coalition pact at Mijas town hall

The political life of Mijas took another turn last week after Costa del Sol Sí Puede (CSSP) councillor Francisco Martínez made a surprise announcement that he was breaking the pact with PSOE and Ciudadanos and accused the two parties of failing to co

15/10/2018 14:49


Finishing date for A-7 Arroyo exit brought forward to 2020

The finishing date for the long-awaited new A-7 motorway exit in Arroyo de la Miel has been brought forward by more than two years. Public Works minister, José Luis Ábalos, said, following a meeting in Madrid on Wednesday with the mayor, Víctor Nav

15/10/2018 14:33


Fuengirola town hall to repair leaky roofs in port shops

Water leaks in 81 premises within Fuengirola port are to be repaired by the town hall. More than 300,000 euros will be spent to complete the work but the council insists that, besides these works, the area needs to undergo a facelift. The port au

15/10/2018 13:14


Pets allowed on beaches after end of high season

Pets are now allowed back onto the beaches in Mijas, the Beaches department has confirmed, after the end of the high season. This falls in line with the bylaw approved in 2014 which allows beach users to take their pets outside of high season, prov

05/10/2018 13:52


Several hundred people celebrate Tourist Day in Mijas

Mijas celebrated its traditional Tourist Day on Wednesday, and as usual large numbers of people gathered in the Plaza Virgen de la Peńa in Mijas Pueblo where most of the activities took place. The mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and Tourism councillor

05/10/2018 12:45


New food market plan for Arroyo de la Miel

Benalmádena council is to build a new food market in the Arroyo de la Miel area. Councillors have announced that the contracts to design, build and operate the new market will be put out to tender soon. The planned 1,000-square-metre building will

28/09/2018 19:54


Five hundred new parking spaces in La Cala at 'El Llano'

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and the councillor for Operational Services, José Carlos Martín, on Monday visited the area known as 'El Llano' in La Cala where work to turn the area into a car park had just been completed . More than 50

28/09/2018 12:04


Former Mijas mayor in the dock again over planning irregularities

Former mayor of Mijas, and current PP candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections, Ángel Nozal, was in court this week accused of planning irregularities. Nozal was called in after a court in Fuengirola initiated proceedings following a complaint

21/09/2018 14:34


Manuel Valls: "If Spain breaks up, so does the rest of Europe"

Manuel Valls, French prime minister between 2014 and 2016, was the invited speaker at a symposium organised by SUR at the Hotel Barceló in Malaga last week. The politician, who was born in Barcelona in 1962, has been linked with a return to frontli

21/09/2018 12:48


Mijas issues 2.4m-euro fine for street cleaning contractor Urbaser

Mijas town hall has issued a 2.4-million-euro fine to Urbaser, the contractor responsible for refuse collection and street cleaning in the town. According to SUR sources, the fine has been issued for not "respecting the contract". According to th

17/09/2018 12:05


Tattoo fever takes hold at convention

The Malaga tattoo convention celebrated its fifth anniversary last weekend, once more attracting thousands of people from far and wide. Whilemany came to get a tattoo themselves, the skill of the tattoo artists, alongside shows, performances and live

11/09/2018 17:11


Mijas Pueblo to get new hotel in historic centre

A small aparthotel is to be opened in the centre of Mijas Pueblo. According to planning councillor, Andrés Ruiz, a house dating from 1840 on the Plaza de la Constitución, in the heart of the village, will be redeveloped at a cost of 354,000 euros.

07/09/2018 14:46


Rats in rivers and streams cause alarm in Fuengirola and Mijas Costa

Residents' associations and neighbourhood Facebook groups have been reporting a surge in sightings of rats in river areas of Mijas Costa and Fuengirola in the last weeks of the summer. One of the areas affected is the stream bed crossing La Cala de

31/08/2018 12:07


Go-ahead for study to restore tower that gave name to Torremolinos

The town hall in Torremolinos has said that it has started the much-anticipated archeological and structural study of a historic tower that gave its name to the resort. Councillors want to fully conserve the structure of Torre Pimentel and tidy up

28/08/2018 19:20


Eighty-two-year-old man found dead at Fuengirola beach

An 82-year-old man of Basque origin was pronounced dead at a beach in Fuengirola on Tuesday afternoon after lifeguards unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate him. The man was seen floating face down on the water by bathers at around 2pm close to t

24/08/2018 16:57


La Cala businesses saw sales 'soar by 20%' during World Padel Tour

Owners of shops, bars and restaurants in La Cala de Mijas are calling for the World Padel Tour to be staged in their village again next year. The most important world tournament series in this locally very popular racquet sport held one if its stages

10/08/2018 18:21


Refuse collectors and street cleaners on strike in Fuengirola

A strike by refuse workers in Fuengirola is due to start today, Friday 10 August. Employees at Urbaser, the contract holder for refuse collection and part of the street cleaning services in the resort, are to start a partial stoppage over pay and con

03/08/2018 17:28


Mijas sets up special police force to deal with rural disturbances

A new local rural police service, tasked with patrolling country areas of the Mijas municipality, was launched by the town's mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, last week. The department's objective is to "improve the services we offer to the people in t

27/07/2018 12:18


Crumbling seafront eyesore in Benalmádena forces closure of beach

A stretch of beach alongside a derelict seafront retirement home has had to be closed off because the local council says the structure is in danger of falling down on beachgoers. Ever since it shut in 2011, Benalmádena council has been trying to ge

06/07/2018 14:26


More buses scheduled to run from Mijas to Marbella and Fuengirola

Mijas town hall has announced that both the M122 bus which connects Fuengirola and Mijas, as well as the M220 between Fuengirola and Marbella, will run more services during the summer months. "This is a tourist municipality and when the summer come

15/06/2018 13:27


Locals demand action over "unsafe" park in Fuengirola

Neighbours of Fuengirola have demanded that local authorities find a solution to the current situation in Bernabé Tierno park. A group of people, mostly from northern Europe, regularly meet in the park to take part in unsafe and unsanitary activities

08/06/2018 14:25


Discovery of a pre-Roman settlement in Mijas excites archaeologists

A group of archaeologists contracted by Mijas council have just discovered a perfectly-preserved square oven which could be one of the most important findings in Malaga province. The soundings and excavations are being carried out at Finca de Acebedo

08/06/2018 14:19


Torremolinos, beaming with Pride

Rainbow flags were once again paraded through the centre of Torremolinos as the town became the centre of LGBT Pride over the course of the weekend. More than 50,000 people gathered in the Plaza La Nogalera across the three-day event to defend freedo

08/06/2018 13:59


Junta hands Mijas council control of Coín road through Las Lagunas

The busy Coín road through the Las Lagunas area of Mijas Costa is set to be improved in the coming months after Mijas council took over its maintenance from the Junta de Andalucía regional government. All 5.7km of the road from the junction with the

08/06/2018 13:49


Mijas and Vélez-Málaga bolster beach patrols for peak season

Mijas councillor for beaches, Josele González, announced that the town will also increase its lifeguard service, for the second year in a row, by offering a team of 76 lifeguards. This will be the highest number in the province, ensuring Mijas' beach

08/06/2018 12:13


Mijas reserves land for coastal train in El Ensanche de La Cala

Mijas town hall has announced that it has provisionally reserved land in the El Ensanche de la Cala area for a hypothetical coastal train. The councillor for Urban Development, Andrés Ruiz, explained that the objective is for an extended Cercanías

01/06/2018 12:38


200 Mijas estates await council-services news

The more than 200 unadopted housing developments in Mijas, which currently don't receive many council services, will soon find out under what conditions the town hall will be prepared to take over upkeep of their streets and offer full services. So

25/05/2018 13:07


Road link to Carvajal 'ready in a year'

The mayor of Fuengirola has given an update on ongoing works to build a new link road from Carvajal to Torreblanca. Work on the complicated link, which has to run under the railway line, started in February and is expected to go on until April nex

25/05/2018 12:46


Mijas books to end up in custody

The books of Mijas have found a new place to lock themselves away, so to speak. A new project from the local government hopes to establish a new public library in a building which was part of the former Guardia Civil headquarters in Mijas Pueblo. T

18/05/2018 20:47


Mijas racecourse company goes into liquidation

The company which manages the Costa del Sol racecourse, Recursos Turísticos de Mijas, has filed for bankruptcy. This has come as no surprise to Mijas council, as it had been on the cards for several months. The decision puts an end to the joint v

18/05/2018 12:44

What to do

Sting, Jamiroquai and Pet Shop Boys sign up for Starlite

At one time there were doubts about whether the Marbella music festival would take place this year. However, the organisation has been name-dropping its 2018 lineup on an almost weekly basis. The list is characterised by its size (with 33 more DJ set

11/05/2018 12:07


"We'd like to keep the hotels on the Costa open during low season"

La Cala Resort announced last week that a new manager had taken over the leisure and golf resort. Sean Corte Real, a former professional golf player of Portuguese and British origin, has taken on the role with the aim of bringing an international dim

11/05/2018 11:25


Man stabs mother to death after butchering her cats in Fuengirola

A 38-year-old Bulgarian man was arrested on Sunday afternoon in connection with the death of his mother who died as a result of 13 stab wounds. It is not yet known whether she died at the scene or was taken to hospital first. The incident occurred

04/05/2018 12:26


La Cala Resort appoints new director

La Cala Resort has announced the appointment of a new director, Sean Corte Real. With extensive experience in resort management around the world, he aims to give the resort a greater international dimension and to "continue the path of excellence tha

27/04/2018 14:09


Mayor calls for any new rail line to have four stops in Mijas

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has written to the national government asking that Mijas municipality isn't forgotten in any new rail project for the western Costa del Sol. While the debate centres on whether a slower Cercanías line or

20/04/2018 13:54


Councils with no debt ask for permission to spend more

Although the Ministry of Finance does plan to ease restrictions further on municipalities which have a surplus, some town halls which are in this situation but also have no debt and money in the bank are asking for more concessions now. These range f

16/04/2018 19:40


Hipódromo Costa del Sol to be equipped for equine therapy

The legal situation with the Costa del Sol racecourse in Mijas, which has not hosted any horse races for some years, is complicated and still ongoing. However, Mijas councillors José Carlos Martín and Nuria Rodríguez hope to bring new life to the f

13/04/2018 13:42


Lift at Los Boliches station is working again at last

After at least five weeks out of action, the lift up to the platform at Los Boliches train station, in Fuengirola, is working again. The busy stop on the Cercanías line to Malaga, which is used by 600,000 passengers a year, has been without a lift

06/04/2018 15:05


Work finished to stop flooding in Las Lagunas

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has said that the work to stop street flooding in the area around the Coín exit of the A-7 motorway in Las Lagunas has been completed. Improvements have been made to storm drains and surfaces in the busy are

06/04/2018 14:42


Las Palmeras businesses hit out at shoddy work

Shop and business owners in the Las Palmeras development on Fuengirola seafront have reported "substandard improvement works" carried out on their buildings by the local council. The town hall asked for almost 1.5 million euros to spruce up the area

06/04/2018 14:31


Mijas council asks Madrid for its own National Police station

Councillors in Mijas are urging the central government to set up a National Police station in the municipality to help improve services for residents. Currently Mijas does not have coverage by National Police and residents have to go to neighbouring

06/04/2018 14:12


Green transformation for central Fuengirola

The Jardines de la Veguilla area in Fuengirola is undergoing a complete makeover as the town hall invests 700,000 euros to create more green space. The area between Plaza de la Hispanidad and Avenida Jesús Santos Rein, near the fairground, will be

06/04/2018 14:09


Fuengirola hotel thief and partner arrested

A 42-year-old man has been arrested over a string of thefts from hotel rooms in Fuengirola. Police started investigating after reports of a man seen climbing out of a hotel via balconies. It is believed he pretended to be a guest before breaking into

06/04/2018 13:53


Construction of up to 150 homes approved

The council in Fuengirola has unanimously approved a detailed study of a plot of land in Carvajal where developers Aedas Homes hope to build up to 150 new homes on land whose boundary lies within 50 metres of the Cercanías train track. The presenta

23/03/2018 15:18


Work starts on busy road by Fuengirola's fairground

The renovation of Calle Romería del Rocío, near the Fuengirola showground, began this week. The works on this busy residential street include a complete revamp of the street and all of its infrastructure, including drainage, sewers, services, drink

23/03/2018 14:14


Mijas council warns that A-7 footbridge is at risk of "collapse"

"At risk of collapse." That is how a Mijas councillor has described the state of a footbridge over the A-7 motorway by the Fuengirola welcome sign, near the old Hotel Beatriz Palace and the BP petrol station. The southern end of the bridge is in Fuen

23/03/2018 14:03


Pet-friendly taxi hits the streets of Mijas

A taxi specially adapted for pets has taken to the streets of Mijas. The vehicle that is driven by taxi driver Concha Cano has a special area with a harness for pets, which means owners can use it without bringing the animals' customary carrying case

23/03/2018 13:43


Mijas council to legalise homes in Pueblo Don Silverio

There was good news for residents of the Pueblo Don Silverio estate in Mijas last week. The Mijas councillor for Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz, has told residents of 47 houses in the area between Mijas village and Fuengirola centre that they are finall

09/03/2018 13:30


Taylor Wimpey and La Cala Golf announce a new development

The joint venture between British constructor Taylor Wimpey and the La Cala Resort group is proving an enormous success, according to representatives of the two firms. They say properties are selling well, and they have now just announced that a n

09/03/2018 13:15


Mijas has finished audits of local estates so they can be adopted

The complex plan to incorporate some 200 independent housing estates and residential complexes into the street services provided by Mijas council reaches one if its critical points this month. According to sources, Mijas town hall has finished the au

02/03/2018 19:20


A tribute to Regino Hernández

Since snowboarder Regino Hernández became Spain's first medal winner in 26 years at the Winter Olympics two weeks ago, he has received one recognition after another. Earlier this week it was the turn of his neighbours and friends in Mijas to pay trib

02/03/2018 13:25


Faster planning process on way for Mijas Pueblo

The town hall in Mijas has said that some 8,000 residents in historic Mijas Pueblo will be able to modify their homes and businesses faster in future. Applications will now be dealt with by new council rules and not have to pass through the regiona

02/03/2018 13:17


Mijas council forced to pay out 360,000 euros to staff

Mijas council has been told it has to pay 360,000 euros in compensation to staff for irregularities in employment contracts and conditions. According to sources, the amounts relate to decisions under the previous PP administration and include 233,0

23/02/2018 12:26


Planning fix needed to turn Fuengirola campsite into shopping park

Mijas council is to debate in next month's full council session the planning application for a shopping park on the well-known Camping Fuengirola site, near the A-7 and Sohail castle. The campsite sits across the boundary of Mijas and Fuengirola and

23/02/2018 12:15


Mijas sports fees could be cut for local users

In a special meeting convened to discuss controversy over who runs the district's public sport facilities, Mijas's ruling councillors have said that they will aim for the fees for using the different installations and services to be cut by half for r

20/02/2018 18:25


Lidl to open 12-million-euro store in Mijas

Supermarket giant Lidl is to open a large new store in the Las Lagunas area of Mijas. With a projected cost of 12 million euros, the shop will be built on land in Calle Roble next to the district's social security office and near Avenida de Mijas.

16/02/2018 13:56


Taxman to sell off some of Mijas's racecourse

Tax collectors are to auction 14,000 square metres of land, part of Mijas's horseracing complex, to recover the debts of the failed public-private company that ran it and collapsed with losses of four million euros. The land was once a karting trac

16/02/2018 12:15


Fuengirola starts a link road from Carvajal to Torreblanca homes

The area of Torreblanca in Fuengirola is set to see significantly improved links with the rest of the municipality and the Costa under new plans explained by local mayor, Ana Mula, this week. Work has already started on a new link road inland from

09/02/2018 16:15


Three million increase in Fuengirola's local budget this year

Fuengirola council passed its 2018 budget on Tuesday, with votes from the ruling Partido Popular councillors. Mayor Ana Mula explained that the budget allowed for investment of nine million euros, three million euros more than last year. Sums hav

09/02/2018 16:00


New LGTBI law comes into force in Andalucía

Earlier this week Andalucía became a pioneer in Europe by introducing a law to guarantee the rights, equal treatment and non-discrimination against gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals and intersexuals. Under this new law fines of between 6,000

09/02/2018 15:59


Las Lagunas squatters removed after two years

Mijas town hall has moved to clear one of the buildings on Calle Clavel in Las Lagunas of squatters who had been causing "mayhem" for nearby residents. Local Police officers alongside staff from Social Services and mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado enter

09/02/2018 15:53


Fuengirola Mercacentro traders say council has "abandoned" market

Fuengirola's indoor market, Mercacentro, has 99 stalls, of which only 30 are currently open. In the last month three have closed down due to lack of trade, despite the market's prime location in the town centre. Stallholders have blamed the lack of b

09/02/2018 15:52


Damage caused to Fuengirola archaeological site

Fuengirola town hall has said that the collapse of part of a wall on the Termas de Torreblanca Roman baths archaeological site has been caused by the roots of a large bougainvillea plant. It was first suggested that the damage to the remains of the

02/02/2018 13:03


Strong start for Spain in the 5 Nations tournament

The Spanish men's hockey team have won both of their matches so far in the 5 Nations hockey tournament, which is hosted between Malaga's Carranque sports complex and the Retamar hockey centre in Benalmádena. The other participants are Canada, Irela

02/02/2018 12:25


Mijas council passes 2018 budget at last

Mijas council approved its 2018 budget at last on Monday against the odds. The town hall, which is run by a minority coalition of Ciudadanos and Socialist councillors, was facing a difficult challenge ahead of the council session as the opposition

26/01/2018 14:39


Sewage connection for rural properties

Rural areas of Mijas (which account for almost a quarter of the population after Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas and La Cala) should begin to receive more services in the next few years. Town Planning councillor Andrés Ruiz met recently with representati

26/01/2018 13:17


Calls for Fuengirola town hall to take over cleaning

Opposition politicians are asking for the cleaning services in Fuengirola to be carried out by council workers, now that the Urbaser company has announced that it will no longer be continuing with the concession. They say the present model is not w

19/01/2018 13:44


Millions being spent to stop flooding in Las Lagunas roads

The town hall in Mijas plans to double the amount it spends in 2018 on flood prevention measures for the streets of Las Lagunas. This comes on top of a renewed effort in the last financial year to put an end to repeated flooding in this low-lying a

19/01/2018 12:48


Off-duty officer spots and stops assault

An off-duty Guardia Civil officer intervened in an alleged incident of domestic violence earlier this month, a released report has said. The officer, in his own car, saw "a man assaulting a woman in the presence of two small children" in his rear-v

19/01/2018 12:00


One of La Cala's busiest roads reopened

Calle Antequera, one of La Cala de Mijas' busiest roads, was reopened to the public on Tuesday. The road, close to the coast has now "improved its tourist appeal", said Mijas mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, at the opening, which was attended by many

17/01/2018 18:37


Road bridge over A-7 in Las Lagunas planned

Mijas council has carried out a feasibility study into swapping the pedestrian bridge that runs over the A-7 linking the two sides of Las Lagunas for a road bridge. It says that the increasing population in the area means driving around the Las Lag

12/01/2018 13:39


Street lights put up on Camino de Campanales

After years of complaints from local residents, Mijas council has announced that it has finished putting up 20 street-lighting columns along the previously unlit Camino de Campanales, between the Fuengirola-Mijas road and Avenida de Mijas in Las Lagu

12/01/2018 13:37


Man sentenced for attempting to kill a woman in Fuengirola

The Malaga provincial court has sentenced a man to seven years in prison for trying to kill a woman due to an "unrequited love that had become an obsession", according to prosecutors. The attack occurred in September 2015 when the man approached the

05/01/2018 15:26


Building jobs bonanza at new leisure centre

The company behind the planned huge leisure park development in Torremolinos has announced that it expects some 2,500 construction jobs to be created once building gets under way. British-owned Intu says that contracts will last up to three years

29/12/2017 17:56


Permission given for six-million-euro Club la Costa work

Mijas council has approved a building licence for the construction of 50 new holiday properties on the Club la Costa resort in Mijas Costa. The owners are expected to spend six million euros expanding their holiday ownership complex and have agreed

29/12/2017 17:37


Fuengirola moves to protect ruins of Roman baths in Torreblanca

Fuengirola council has bought a private plot of land in Torreblanca which contains important Roman ruins dating from the first century BC. The ruins alongside the N-340 were once a bathhouse and were declared of special historical interest in 2005

15/12/2017 14:48


Mijas council 'looking into ways' to pay for new local hospital

The mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, has said that the council is looking for ways to fund the planned new local hospital for Fuengirola and Mijas. Faced with what it says is the urgent need to improve healthcare in the area, the council is

11/12/2017 17:51


Site earmarked for new hospital in Las Lagunas

The planned local hospital for Fuengirola and Mijas will be built on the Avenida de Andalucía in Las Lagunas, near Parque Miramar. The building will cover a plot of 150,000 square metres, of which 60,000 will be dedicated to the health facility. P

11/12/2017 11:54


Mijas and Fuengirola to share costs of improvements to dividing road

Road improvements to Calle de La Unión are to cost nearly a million euros and are to be carried out by the local town halls, in plural. This street runs along the boundary line between the municipalities of Mijas and Fuengirola and so residents on

08/12/2017 12:54


Anger over Fuengirola's history museum that only has one room

Opposition politicians in Fuengirola have criticised the council for "neglect" of the town's historical legacy by shutting down parts of the local museum. The Museo de la Ciudad, near Bioparc, has just one exhibition room currently open, despite a

04/12/2017 15:11


Mijas and Fuengirola to share costs of improvements to dividing road

Road improvements to Calle La Unión are to cost nearly a million euros and are to be carried out by the local town halls, in plural. This street runs along the boundary line between the municipalities of Mijas and Fuengirola and so residents on one

17/11/2017 12:30


Ten-million-euro complex to be built on the border of two towns

The historic Camping Fuengirola which is found on the stretch of land between Mijas and Fuengirola, will undergo a massive transformation in the next few months in order to be converted into a large-scale shopping centre. The project has required a p

17/11/2017 11:44


Carvajal station: mission impossible for many

Ricardo Criado can't catch the train at his nearest station, which is Carvajal, a district in Fuengirola. There are 119 steps up to the platform and Ricardo, who uses an electric wheelchair, can't get up them. Nor is he the only person affected. You

07/11/2017 18:56


The Costa del Sol starts building again

One of the most characteristic images of the years prior to the economic crisis was the cranes. From 2008 onwards these structures disappeared from the skyline of municipalities in Malaga; a sign that the construction industry was at a standstill, wi

24/10/2017 17:40


New road signs and markings throughout municipality of Mijas

José Carlos Martín, the councillor for Operational Services in Mijas, announced this week that roadsigns and markings are to be replaced throughout the municipality, as part of a project to improve safety in the area. The total cost is expected to be

23/10/2017 17:42


East and west Las Lagunas to be linked by a road and roundabout

Plans have now been drawn up for a new road to link the east and west sides of Las Lagunas, in Mijas Costa, and the council has agreed to reserve funds from next year's budget to pay for the works. The road will run east to west between the Avenida d

23/10/2017 17:40


Danish women look for business ideas in Mijas

In recent months, several foreign investors have been looking at Mijas as a possible business opportunity. It is an attractive location, especially because of the large numbers of foreign citizens who live or have a second home in the municipality. A

13/10/2017 17:54


New tourist office to open in La Cala

A new tourist office is to open at the end of this year near the town hall building in La Cala de Mijas. More than 20,000 euros are being spent on preparing the area where the new office will be located in the main boulevard. The next phase of th

13/10/2017 11:39


Thousands unfurl giant Spanish flag in Fuengirola

Fuengirola town hall unfurled a giant Spanish flag on the fairground on Thursday to mark the Día de Hispanidad or Spain's national day. The flag measured 50 metres in length and, according to municipal sources, is the longest in the world of its ki

15/09/2017 15:06


'Urbanisations': a question of numbers and rights

It is difficult to know exactly how many people in Malaga province live in an 'urbanización', the Spanish word used for residential developments that can range from a simple apartment complex to vast estates covering various hectares. In recent ye

11/09/2017 18:08


A happy ending for Negri

Despite the horrible series of events that Negri has had to endure, her nightmare tale has finally reached a happy conclusion. On 12 June at around 5.45pm, police in Fuengirola received a call alerting them that a man (Negri's previous owner) was all

11/09/2017 17:50


Counter-terrorism measures stepped up in Fuengirola

Fuengirola has announced that measures to prevent terror attacks were to be stepped up following a meeting between the town hall and the central government representative, Miguel Briones. Similar meetings, with the presence of the National Police,

04/09/2017 16:03


Byblos hotel redevelopment gets the green light

Mijas town hall has given the green light to the project to renovate the Hotel Byblos in Mijas, one of the Costa's most iconic hotels once frequented by famous faces including Princess Diana. It is expected that work will get under way either at t

01/09/2017 17:11


Bioparc Fuengirola welcomes new Sumatran tiger

Harau, a two-year-old Sumatran tiger, has a new home. From now on he will live in Fuengirola's Bioparc as part of a Europe-wide conservation programme designed to encourage reproduction outside the species' natural habitat. It is hoped that Harau,

11/08/2017 17:48


Former Mijas mayor to be quizzed by judge

The ex-mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, and leader of the PP group on the council is to be quizzed by an investigating judge. The formal interview will take place on 5 October and is in connection with the supposed offer of a job at Club la Costa resor

07/08/2017 16:48


The perennial problem of parking in the summer

Curro orders people about a great deal on El Palo beach, near the legendary Casa Pedro restaurant. He has no official authority or position, but is the self-appointed 'parking attendant' in that area: the person who officiously organises the few and