Yukimasa Ida with Picasso’s statue in the Plaza de la Merced. / Salvador Salas

Yukimasa Ida's work reflects Picasso's essence

The artist becomes the first Asian to be invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Casa Natal Picasso


Yukimasa Ida visits Pablo Picasso is the new temporary exhibition at the Museo Casa Natal Picasso, Malaga. The exhibition consists of 43 pieces: 30 canvases, nine sculptures and four drawings by the Japanese artist. They are displayed alongside four of the famous Malaga artist's lithographs which give meaning to the dialogue that Yukimasa Ida initiates with Pablo Picasso in his creations. The young Japanese man (born in Tottori, Japan in 1990) becomes the first artist from Asia to be invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Casa Natal.

He uses thick brushstrokes to create paintings with a noticeable relief to the naked eye. These raised empastes can also be seen in the designs of the handbags that the young artist designs for the haute couture firm Dior.

In addition to the portraits of the Malaga-born artist, Yukimasa Ida's work carries hints of Picasso in the form of doves and bulls. Of the nine sculptures, seven are wooden and two are bronze. The latter two, 'Picasso' and 'Head of Picasso', show the face of the artist, while the wooden ones evoke a sense of primitive and African art.

A different language

Yukimasa Ida has his own language of expression and, in spite of looking straight at Picasso's work in this exhibition, he does not lose its essence. His main theme is time, the concept of the "unique moment" and the continuous updating of the "now". During his visit to Malaga to present his exhibition, the Japanese artist was very appreciative: "It is an honour for me to present my work in the place where Picasso, the greatest artist of the 20th century, was born. It is also an honour to be the first Japanese to exhibit here," admitted Yukimasa Ida.

The inauguration was attended by the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the artist Yukimasa Ida and the Ambassador for Japan Hiramatsu Henji, among other officials.

Yukimasa Ida's visit to Pablo Picasso can be seen in the temporary exhibition hall of the Casa Natal until 2 October. Numerous details of Picasso's works and personal life are hidden in this exhibition, such as the reinterpretation of a photograph of Picasso with his sister Lola when they were little. "It has been an emotional process, creating pieces from Picasso's works," concluded Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida.