Top spots to see the almond blossom around Malaga province this winter

Top spots to see the almond blossom around Malaga province this winter

At the end of January and the beginning of February the almond trees are in full bloom, filling inland areas with wonderful shades of white and pink

Javier Almellones

Friday, 3 February 2023, 18:33


The almond tree is a common sight in Malaga and even before spring has sprung, its flowers begin to fill the landscape with colour. Populating almost every bit of countryside in the area, it is impossible for the blossom to go unnoticed. Even so, there are still certain areas including various local walks, where the offering is much more plentiful. Here are some of the best spots.

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    Sierra de las Nieves


Almond trees in bloom on the “Camino de Puerto Chiribenítez”.

In recent years the village of Guaro in the Sierra de las Nieves has harnessed the almond blossom season as a way of attracting tourists, creating an official day to recognise it and promoting the village at the same time. After a two-year pause during the pandemic, this Saturday 4 February the season will once again be celebrated with two organised hiking routes around the area to take in the sights. Two different difficulty levels are available, and those interested in participating are advised to sign up in advance.

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    Guadalhorce Valley


Plenty of almond trees can be found in this area.

There are various almond orchards spread around the Guadalhorce valley, such as in Cártama Estación, El Sexmo and Gibralgalia, close to Pizarra. Especially beautiful are those enhanced by a backdrop of extensive fields of citrus trees - a common sight in the local area. They can also be seen on a circular hiking trail which leads to Torrealquería and another which leads to the area of Tres Cruces where the almond blossom is particularly abundant.

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The entrance to the village is home to almond orchards, as is the walk up to the castle.

Visitors can easily get to Arenas from Vélez-Málaga where a large distribution of almond trees can be found just at the entrance to the village, blooming brightly in winter and filling the area with shades of pink and white. Various other spots in the hills around this Axarquía village are also blessed with blossom. On 29 January, for the first time ever, the village celebrated its first organised hiking route in the area designed especially to enjoy the flowers and named after the almond trees themselves.

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    The ascent to Santi Petri

Many trees in bloom can be seen on the ascent to Santi Petri.

It’s no coincidence that at the beginning of autumn a special almond festival takes place in Almogía. The hills are full of almond orchards and the local area boasts an extensive network of local footpaths and hiking trails. A few of the most spectacular, if a little tricky, are the climb up to the peak of Santi Petri and that of Charamuza-Lo Bernabé. Climbing either of these is guaranteed to provide sightings of almond trees in bloom until mid-February.

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    The Mudejar route

Salares, Árchez and other villages nearby are all home to almond blossom.

Adorned with old minarets and other traces of a more traditional Andalucía, villages like Salares, Árchez and Sedella, as well as Daimalos (Arenas) and Corumbela (Sayalonga) also form an ideal itinerary to see the almond blossom at this time of year. Although not as abundant as in other areas, these places are ideal for viewing flowering almond trees in winter due to the spectacular colourful contrasts with the local flora and fauna.

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    Ardales and Carratraca

The first flowers of the season can be seen around Ardales.

The area between these two villages is rich with spectacular almond orchards, and just a short walk around the area on any of the hiking trails will prove it. A part of the “Gran Senda" (the great trail around Malaga province) allows walkers to get up close to the trees in full bloom.

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Almond blossom is a common sight around Casabermeja in winter time.

A network of footpaths in the Guadalmedina valley allows visitors to admire the diversity of the landscape. And at this time of year, along many of the walks, the almond blossom becomes a prominent sight to enjoy. A good example is the circular route known as “Ruta de las Fuentes” or the ascent up to Torre Zambra or the Mallén peak.

*Some additional options to see the almond trees in bloom include Monda, Arroyo Coche (between Almogía and Casabermeja), Totalán, Olías, Puerto de la Torre (Malaga), Colmenar, and some parts of the Montes de Málaga Natural Park.


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