Cala Mijas Festival: a music festival full of contrasts

This first event includes everything from trap to electronic music but there is always a place for rock


Only a few days to go now until the doors of the Cala Mijas Festival open for the first time on an event full of contrasts, whose lineup reflects a commitment to appeal to music lovers of all types and consolidate this as a regular event for years to come.

Trap and hip hop have their space along with different electronic trends, but as usual in these festivals rock is the star of the show. The headline acts (Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave and Liam Gallagher) have navigated through different styles for decades, but rock has always been the common denominator.

These three performers are the main attraction, but lovers of electronic music need not fear that they are being neglected. Kraftwerk, James Blake, The Chemical Brothers and Röyksopp, together with 2ManyDjs and Tiga, will make the Cala Mijas Festival a benchmark for the dance floor.

Saturday 3rd

The 'Wonderwall' moment

The younger Gallagher brother is still going strong and although the thought of Liam and Noel playing together is no more than a pipe dream and is never going to happen, Oasis still casts a long shadow. Few sensations can be more spectacular than experiencing thousands of people singing Wonderwall together at a music festival.

Friday 2nd

Atheists who believe

The Argentinian singer has had a spectacular year, including her successful but controversial collaboration with C. Tangana in Toledo cathedral. The Cala Mijas Festival is an ideal time for those who are atheist about urban music to listen to Peluso and say afterwards that they believe in her now.

Thursday 1st

Do I want to know?

Seeing 'Do I Wanna know?' performed live will be another fantastic experience at Cala Mijas Festival, especially as the British rock band hasn't played in Spain for four years. They started by sounding like a garage band but have ended up more focused on psychedelic rock, although this concert will provide the chance to hear some of their famous hits and their new album. They are the big stars of the first day.

The icing on the cake

It isn't so much that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are the icing on the cake, but the festival marks the end of the Australian band's European tour. With nearly 20 studio discs to their name, they are presenting their new album 'Ghostseen', one of the most applauded by critics and the public. The fact that they are performing on the same day as The Chemical Brothers and Kraftwerk possibly makes Friday the most interesting day in terms of big names.

Half a century watching us

52 years have passed since the band Kraftwerk was formed, more than half a century of music innovation that began by mixing psychedelic rock with avant-garde electronic sounds. Their shows continue to be a spectacle of light and sound, with the four band members filling the stage with animatronics, 3D and contemporary art as they get the thousands of people at the festival up on their feet and dancing.

Saturday 3rd

The local idols

Dozens of artists who are known all over the world will be performing at the event, but so will one very popular local group, La Trinidad. Sixto Martín, Carlos Guerrero and Jorge Zúñiga make up a power-pop group whose songs are full of attitude and hard-hitting rhythms with a touch of indie rock.

Friday 2nd

The electronic of the 2000s

Who could have told the members of The Chemical Brothers two decades ago that they would end up headlining a macro-festival?Time flies and the British duo is no longer the same as the one that performed on the London underground scene. Together with The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim they were at the forefront of the big beat genre, demonstrating with their career that their music is perfect for combining with rock at this type of event. The moment they start to play Hey Boy, Hey Girl will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable moments of an already amazing day.

Friday 2nd

Music among friends

With any good festival you need to keep an eye on the headline acts, the stages, the bands and, above all, who is in charge of the party at the end. On this occasion, the 2ManyDjs duo is a firm favourite who never disappoint and can be relied on to end a day of a festival on a high note. And as if that were not enough, they won't be coming alone but as part of 2ManyFriends along with Dave P. and Tiga himself, the idol of the dance floors in the first decade of the 2000s. Will this be the chance to hear You Gonna Want Me performed live again? Let's hope so...

Saturday 3rd

What else is there?

After some time without performing or releasing a disc, the Norwegian duo is back in style with a new album and as one of the most attractive electronic alternatives at the Cala Mijas Festival. With seven studio albums released and a sound which flows between drum n' bass, house and electronic, Röyksopp appealed to the imagination of festival-goers - and lovers of electronic music in general - with their unforgettable 'What else is there', which is sure to be one of the tracks they play during their performance, along with The Inevitable End, their latest and apocalyptic album, which is also expected. This is a great chance to enjoy their return on the Costa del Sol.

Saturday 3rd

The boy wonder

A few years ago, James Blake chose to present one of his latest songs in a church, no less, performing in his unique style which is mainly drawn from avant-garde electronic music. He is a performer and also a producer, and a couple of years ago he produced a lovely little song with Rosalía called 'Barefoot in the Park' which fans hope will be included in his performance. The boy wonder who does everything is one of the major stars of the Cala Mijas Festival.