Nefertiti Goddess. Migue Fernández
Nefertiti Goddess

'Those who know me well, know that I don't care if I look ugly, as long as it’s art'

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She started in the world of drag 16 years ago and now she creates her own looks that aim to surprise

Iván Gelibter, Claudia San Martín & Cristina Pinto

Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 10:30


Nefertiti Goddess is tiny but tough and that's how she comes through the door of Edén Copas, with a defiant look accompanied by incredible make-up. "Sexy, extravagant, very strange and, above all, chameleon-like,” the Malaga drag queen defines herself.

He is Alejandro, a boy raised in Cruz del Humilladero, a district of Malaga city, now covered in tattoos and who for the last 16 years has been exploring his art through make-up and style.

"And look how ladylike I am today", says Nefertiti, pointing to herself. A tight bodysuit with transparent areas that reveal her tattoos is accessorised with leather straps and chains around the chest. The turquoise outfit contrasts with her orange wig - cut and designed by her – and of course the incredible make-up.

"Whoever knows me well knows that I don't mind looking ugly, what I really want is for the whole outfit, including the wig and make-up, to be an artform," she says. "I always try to surprise, so that when people see me they ask: 'Ahhhh, what is that?”

She knows that what stands out most about Nefertiti Goddess is that she is a “'look queen”. "I'm the queen of style, that's what stands out most about me, and by the way, I create my entire look," she says. She also designed her partner, Protegida Castro’s look. As well as performing on their own, together they also form the duo Las Peligro.

Nefertiti Goddess.
Nefertiti Goddess. Migue Fernández

"I'm sexy, extravagant, very strange and, above all, chameleon-like"

"Some things have gone missing in the dressing rooms.... But well, the tooth fairy must have taken them"

"I remember when I won the 2018 Drag Gala; everyone was shouting out my name"

She recalls how Alejandro became Nefertiti Goddess, "purely by chance”. “A group of friends and I decided to dress up for a Pride event and at the end of the night the owner of the place came up to me to tell me he wanted to talk to me. As it was the first time I had dressed up, I thought I had made a mess or something, but what he wanted was to hire me as an entertainer,” she explains.

Since then there have been some unforgettable moments, like when she won first prize at the drag queen gala in Torremolinos in 2018: "It's the day I remember most fondly, not because I won, but because I saw all my fellow drags who were my rivals at the time shouting my name before I was given the award."

In general, everyone gets on, but Nefertiti has had some bitter experiences backstage: "I haven't had many; I usually get on well with my colleagues although things have gone missing in the dressing rooms.... But well, the tooth fairy must have taken them," she says with a sense of humour. She uses the same humour to tell one of her worst experiences over the years: "We were performing in a venue in Granada and they told us that they weren’t going to pay us because we had stolen from the place. I asked them to put the cameras on, I told him I was going to call the police and the guy grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the floor.” Fortunately, she adds, "I got paid, I got paid.... Otherwise I'd have set fire to the club." Nefertiti Goddess may be tiny, but she can bite.

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