In spring… trends change

In spring… trends change

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Putting away a winter coat in favour of lighter summer clothes is always exciting

Antonio M. Murcia

Friday, 20 May 2022, 12:29


There's truth to the old saying that our blood changes in springtime. It's always exciting to put away a winter coat and welcome lighter summer clothes back into our lives. With spring come brighter colours and the possibility of combining different garments to create airy, loose and comfortable looks... while avoiding excessive layering, which can throw your head into a tizzy. As our routines change, so do our wardrobes. It's also important to make sure that, as we spend more time in the sun, we are taking good care of our skin, so that we can show our best faces to the world. For this reason, and to help anyone feeling a lack of inspiration in the face of spring's glad tidings, we are offering a selection of products to take on the floral season with the energy it deserves.

Ray-Ban Stories | 329 €

Smart sunglasses

The new Ray-Ban Stories allow wearers to take photos and videos, as well as listen to music and make phone calls. A collaboration between the United-States and Italian sunglasses firm with Facebook once again proves that the possibilities of technology are endless. This model, which is inspired by the iconic Wayfarer glasses, has two cameras of five mega-pixels in each of the top corners.

Boss | T-shirt: 39.95 € and sweatshirt: 159.95 €

The staples that never let you down

Ideal for going out for dinner with friends, enjoying evenings on the beach, or simply just maximising comfort without compromising on style. This hooded sweatshirt is a must have in any wardrobe. The 100% organic cotton model by Boss Performance is one of the brand's iconic designs, and is perfect to pair with jeans and trainers. If sweatshirts aren't really your style, this design (in full logomania) is also available as a T-shirt.

The Ritual of Jing | 14.90 €

Facial exfoliator

Made of natural salt and a blend of oils that remove dead cells from the skin while keeping it hydrated. The Ritual of Jing is made of 92% natural ingredients to keep skin looking its best. A perfect product to stimulate the renewal of cells, even out skin tone, and help the absorption of other creams and oils applied afterwards.

Polo Ralph Lauren | 39.95 €

A classic cap

It's a classic accessory, but a cap is always a solid favourite of the it-girls and boys of the moment. It's a great addition to any casual look for a stroll around the city. This model by Polo Ralph Lauren is ideal for beach day, but would also look great with a pair of jeans.

AirPods Max | 629 €


The new AirPods Max provide an immersive experience, tailored to perfection with optimal sound insulation so that you can enjoy life's unique moments accompanied by your favourite sounds. The headphones, wish mesh and stainless steel, always boast revolutionary technology which enables the user to rotate them for maximum comfort and equalise pressure. Available in different colours.

New Balance 550 | 130 € (approx.)

Comfort and style

A re-edition of the classic trainer designed by American designer Steven Smith in 1989. The US brand has re-launched this simple and versatile model which has won over top-tier celebrities and influencers such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. Available in different colour combinations, it really is the perfect trainer to combine with any casual day-to-day look. Then again, why not wear them on the dance floor at night?

Vital Skin-Strengthening de Kielh's | 55 €


This recent release is an ultralight, biocompatible and rapidly absorbed serum, with 11 KDa hyaluronic acid and a mix of adaptogenic herbs that helps skin feel stronger, tighter, and more elastic. With proven results, the serum promises to work from the first application, smoothing out skin. In time, the skin also feels more resistent to the stress factors of everyday life.

Pandora ME | 59 €


Accessories have always been essential for completing a look. This recent release by Pandora has arrived with a bang: a chain with customised sterling silver links, to which you can add different charms or accessories by the brand. Inspired by the rock and roll scene of the 1950s, the bracelet honours the purest of underground styles and the possibilities for creation are endless. Go wild and create your the perfect charm bracelet for you.

Happy Socks | 19,96 €

Patterned socks

Who said it wasn't fashionable to show your ankles? These socks with beach and sea patterns, made by Happy Socks, are perfect to pair with some cropped trousers and a simple T-shirt. A stylish and casual look, in which your feet won't go unnoticed.

Bershka | 49,99 €

A suit jacket

Bershka continues to vouch for diversity with their new collection Suits, a line of non-gendered suit jackets. This is not their first non-gendered collection, and the sophisticated line continues to break down the prejudices about what menswear and womenswear should be.

Acne Studios | 130 €

Crossbody bag

You should count on having a few of these bags in your wardrobe if you're one of those people who hates walking around feeling cluttered. This crossover bag by Acne Studios is perfect for both the day and the night. It that is has a front compartment with zip, as well as a rear open mesh compartment, ideal for carrying essentials like your phone, sunglasses, wallet and keys. It's made of recycled polyester, and its detachable strap means that it can be comfortably adjusted to fit anyone.


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