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Who said that everything in fashion has already been done?

Who said that everything in fashion has already been done?

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Social networks such as TikTok, the growing platform for content creators and for brands, have significantly transformed the fashion industry

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Friday, 20 May 2022, 10:25


Looking back to the year 2000, the world of fashion was dictated by magazines and specialist media outlets. Catwalks and new collections were experienced as one-off events, and “September issues” were the perfect collectibles, serving as inspiration when the time came for a wardrobe revamp.

However, things began to change only a few years later, around 2002, with the growth of the internet and the arrival of the first social media platforms. These channels equalised outreach, giving far more people access to fashion and doing away with the many geographical limitations which had existed until then.

What’s more, the role of content creators has become increasingly important; in a matter of a few years, they have become opinion leaders and influencers. But the evolution of the cyber-universe doesn’t stop there. Social media platforms are continuously reinventing themselves and replacing each other. Nowadays, who hasn’t heard of TikTok?

“TikTok is a place where you can get in shape, connect with other users over a topic which you love, discover new passions, be entertained, learn… A great aspect of it is that the platform itself plays a key role in the experience that users have on TikTok,” explained Soraya Castellanos, Content, Community and Partnerships Manager for TikTok Spain.

Fashion on social media, stronger than ever

Building communities is one of the main attributes of social media, and in such dynamic, creative and immersive digital worlds, the possibilities are infinite. In the fashion sector, this sense of community is no less strong than in other areas, such as other artistic disciplines or entertainment.

Marta Camin (@immartacamin).
Imagen - Marta Camin (@immartacamin).

“My go-to look is a dress of any colour, paired with lots of necklaces and some good earrings. Accessories are key!”

Marta Camin@immartacamin

“I remember when I made a video that went viral on TikTok in December 2020. It had nothing to do with fashion, the focus was on my genetics. I left it at that, and a few months later I saw a trend which consisted of showing some of the odd things in your wardrobe. I decided to take part and showed off some of my clothes, and that's how I ended up creating fashion-related content for this platform and building my community,” explains content creator Marta Camin (@immartacamin).

Trying, making mistakes, getting it right… Everything is valid as you search for the key to success. After all, the world of fashion offers infinite possibilities when it comes to creating content. All you have to do is apply your creativity and be true to yourself, agree Marta and Aritz. However, in order to offer original, quality videos that connect with the audience, it’s fundamental to have a good source of inspiration.

When it comes to fashion and social networks, the garment itself is only a small part of the content. Other elements such as make-up, decor and the models are equally important to get the audience’s attention. "Fashion goes hand in hand with make-up, and on many occasions it is the basis of a woman's or a man's personality," says content creator and make-up artist Jesús Serrano (@gsusserranomua), who has over two million followers on TikTok.

Fashion brands become content creators

Social networks aren’t just a space for users or content creators. Many brands (especially fashion brands) also get involved and use social channels to showcase their creations for the world. In fact, TikTok has a series of virtues that make it possible for content to be shared, as well as for brands and individual users to interact. Furthermore, according to data provided by the platform, 72% of users say they don’t mind seeing content from brands or companies, and 63% say that they quite like the ads on TikTok, seeing them as entertaining and educational content.

Fashion designer Aritz de la Hera (@super_aritz).
Imagen - Fashion designer Aritz de la Hera (@super_aritz).

“If I could only have one look for a whole year, I’d choose something with a lot of colour. Ideally I’d wear clothes I made myself, because it would make me feel twice as proud”

Aritz de la Hera


Such has been TikTok’s popularity among fashion brands that even the seemingly more traditional luxury sector has recognised the potential of the channel. Gucci collaborated with the famous TikTok train creator @francis.bourgeois to launch its new collection, and DIOR broadcast its women's ready-to-wear fashion show from the spring-summer 2021 collection on the platform.

Brands and content creators: a recipe for success

Thanks to users and brands, the growth of fashion-related content on TikTok has been unstoppable. So much so that the hashtag #Fashion has over 19.1 billion views, #outfits has over 16.8 billion views, #FashionChallenges over than 20 million views, and the hashtag #FashionOnTikTok has reached over 561 million views.

In this sense, what would TikTok and fashion be without trends? After all, it is these "challenges" that make it possible for a garment, make-up, pose, etc. to become an object of desire, as their popularity is shown by the audience's acceptance and interaction with it. So, whoever said that everything in fashion has already been invented clearly hasn’t spent much time observing the infinite possibilities on social channels such as TikTok.

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