Alice Wonderland. Migue Fernández
Alice Wonderland

'Drag is an art, a means of expression, and we can all do it'

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This artiste, whose character began by chance, has been on the scene for 25 years and is one of the few female drag queens in Malaga

Iván Gelibter, Claudia San Martín & Cristina Pinto

Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 10:26


Alice Wonderland left the world of Goth when she discovered drag. One of the few female drag queens in Malaga, Alice Wonderland recalls that when she started out 25 years ago, she received as much criticism as praise: "When I started, it was: 'A girl? But what's a girl doing here to take our jobs? No, no, no, no, drag queens are guys'. And they are completely wrong, drag is an art, a way of expression and we can all do it.” She goes on to say that she is ‘Mum’ to a lot of her friends in the business.

When the gothic bar she used to go to closed, Alice decided to go to Torremolinos in search of theme parties and that’s when she discovered the world of drag, adding a touch of colour to her previously dark, gothic world: "Little by little I got into it and I loved it, I had always lacked something. And honestly, it's the best thing that could have happened in my life," she says. Then, one New Year's Eve working in a bar that has since closed, Alice Wonderland dressed in drag and it was then that Drag Enigma, her first persona, was born.

Alice Wonderland.
Alice Wonderland. Migue Fernández

"Little by little I got into it and I loved it, I had always lacked something"

"People do put obstacles in your way - it is a very competitive environment"

"Off stage I'm always joking around, but on stage it's still hard for me"

Since then, she has been through a lot of phases as Alice, her character who is neither a man nor a woman; the most important part of her act is interaction with others and giving those around her an unforgettable night: "I recently started with the transvestite thing, because you have to evolve. Now I do shows and lip-syncing, I have lost my fear of the microphone. I admire my colleagues who are very comfortable with it, especially the comedians. Off stage I'm always joking around, but on stage it's still hard for me," she admits.

Despite the respect and love she has for her profession, Alice knows that competition is stiff among the drag queens: "We have all had problems and yes people can put obstacles in your way, because it is a very competitive environment," she says.

Is she thinking of retiring any time soon? No way, because Alice has another alter ego lined up: Sally Lippman, the granny who used to rule the dancefloor at the legendary Studio 54 nightclub in New York.


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