Minerva Anderson. Migue Fernández
Minerva Anderson

'I could just as easily be assembling furniture, walking the catwalk, or doing a TikTok'

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She likes to keep up the image of being a "lady" even if sometimes it’s difficult for this 100 per cent natural, curly-haired diva, born during a drag contest at Eden Copas

Iván Gelibter, Claudia San Martín & Cristina Pinto

Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 10:30


The character of Minerva Anderson “was born one night in a contest at Eden Copas about eight years ago”. Now, anyone who visits her Instagram or takes a look at her TikTok videos will be impressed. Her hair is 100 per cent natural: "but girl, this has to be given a good blow dry with the diffuser," she laughs about the upkeep of such locks.

Minerva Anderson's change is simply spec-ta-cu-lar. She shakes her curls around on stage while her partner Alma de Soul suggests how she should pose to make it look like her lustrous locks are blowing in the breeze.

And, although she says she is a bit shy in front of the camera, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. Minerva Anderson relives details of her artistic career while putting on a tight white dress that is perfectly complemented by gold jewellery.

"On stage I try to create an elegant, ladylike image. Although sometimes it doesn’t happen, but it doesn't matter," she laughs. "And I do everything. I can assemble a piece of furniture for you, post a video on TikTok, walk down a catwalk, or throw myself on the floor".

Minerva Anderson.
Minerva Anderson. Migue Fernández

"On stage I try to create an elegant image. Although sometimes it doesn’t happen"

"My humour can be quite special; I try to be empathetic with the audience"

"I've heard that they put blades in lipstick, crushed glass in powder"

In addition to being "very versatile" and keeping up the elegance, she knows laughter is a particularly important element of any drag show: "My humour can be quite special; I try to be empathetic with the audience and as fun as possible while remaining elegant," she says with a cheeky grin. Although she recognises that sometimes "you come off stage and someone comes up to you and gives you 'constructive criticism', but it's like a dagger in the back. There are some uncomfortable moments there," she confesses.

Fortunately, she’s put the grudges she has had with her fellow drags “aside”, but describes some pretty horrible things she’s heard that queens have done to each other: “I've heard that they put blades in lipstick, crushed glass in powder or that they slit someone’s dress just as she is about to perform. Imagine how funny that was."

But she still remembers "how lucky” she was to be welcomed by her colleagues. "At the beginning they help you to apply make-up because you have no idea. I have been trained by them; some of them have helped me and supported me in everything."

In particular she mentions Carmen Hierbabuena and Bibiana Fernández: "I’ve always loved that woman, working with her was wonderful,” she says. As wonderful as Minerva Anderson's hair, which she says everyone wants to touch to see if it is a wig. "It’s 100 per cent natural, girl," Minerva concludes.

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