Car smash ends police chase after man drives along major Costa roads in opposite direction to traffic

The 47-year-old driver had travelled almost from Mijas to Alhaurín on the AP-7 and A-7 before he was finally apprehended by officers. He produced a negative result in a roadside breathalyser test


The scene was like something from a movie. In the middle of the night a motorist put the safety of other road users on major Costa del Sol roads at risk by driving in the opposite direction to traffic at high speed while being chased by a Guardia Civil patrol vehicle.

The incident happened at around four in the morning on Sunday, 7 August. The 47-year-old man was eventually arrested as being responsible for several crimes against road safety after crashing into another vehicle, which was the moment that the officers took advantage of to stop the pursuit.

The driver was the only occupant of the vehicle that was chased for some time by the police officers as he hurtled along the AP-7 and A7 motorways, travelling almost from Mijas to Alhaurín de la Torre in the opposite direction to that indicated. At no time did the driver respond to the sirens and warning lights which the Guardia Civil used to try to stop him on numerous occasions.

Despite the fact it happened in the early hours of the morning, there were several vehicles that had to swerve to avoid the suspect's car and avoid an accident. One passenger car was not so lucky, and collided with the wrong-way driver, although apparently the collision was of a minor nature. At that moment, the police took advantage of the circumstances and captured the reckless driver to end the pursuit.

Breathalyser test

SUR has learned, that after being identified by the Guardia Civil, the suspect told the officers that his intention was to reach Mijas, despite the fact that the chase took him further away from the coastal municipality.

The officers carried out a breathalyser test on the driver, which produced a negative result. The same did not happen with the drugs test, in which he tested positive for amphetamines and, as a result, the man was arrested for several alleged crimes against road safety.

According to sources, the suspect had consumed amphetamines, a drug that, among other things, can produce effects such as euphoria and a false sense of lucidity and control, which would explain his reckless behaviour at the wheel.