Warm winter wind sees temperatures soar on the Costa del Sol this week

The mercury will remain above normal levels for the month of January, with minimum temperatures higher than 12C


Atmospheric stability dominates the week on the Costa del Sol, with no rain expected and minimum and maximum temperatures above average for January.

"All this week above-average temperatures are expected. We will continue with positive temperature anomalies. From Tuesday to Sunday no more showers are expected in our region," wrote José Luis Escudero in his blog Tormentas y rayos, (Storms and lightning).

Maximum temperatures will be on the rise, especially on the Costa del Sol, due to the 'terral' warm wind. The minimum temperatures will also increase in the southeast of the Spanish mainland and in low-lying northeastern areas, according to the national Met Office, Aemet.

In Malaga province, throughout the week the mercury will not fall below 12C while the highs will move between 20C and 22C until Sunday. On Wednesday in Malaga city, wind gusts of up to 25 kilometres per hour are expected.