Mild temperatures in Malaga city at the end of December. FRANCIS SILVA
How will the arrival of a cold polar air mass in Spain affect the Costa del Sol?

How will the arrival of a cold polar air mass in Spain affect the Costa del Sol?

Temperatures will drop from Monday in Malaga city and on the coast, but much less than inland

Ignacio Lillo

Thursday, 12 January 2023, 00:05


From Monday, Malaga city and the Costa del Sol will be an island of mild weather in the face of a cold polar air mass due to extend across the rest of Spain.

Before then, all this week thermometers will remain several degrees above normal for this time of year. Jesús Riesco, director of the national met office centre, Aemet, in Malaga, said that temperatures will remain at least 4C above normal until Sunday. No precipitation is expected for the rest of the week.


From Sunday 15 January onwards, and starting inland, there will be a change in the weather, with a sharp and widespread drop in temperatures. The arrival of the Arctic air mass will cause the colder weather and possible snowfall in the north, centre and east of the Spanish mainland. On Monday there may be significant snowfall at high altitudes, while in Malaga, for the moment, only light showers are expected.

As the meteorologist explained, between Sunday and Monday there will be a trough with a cold advection which will cause temperatures to drop. But Riesco said that on the Costa del Sol and around Malaga the change will not be very noticeable "because we are starting from very high values".

Therefore, if the maximum temperature at Malaga Airport on Sunday is expected to be 21C on Monday it will drop to around 18C, and on Tuesday, 17C. In the case of the minimum temperatures, they will be around 7C-8C, after having reached around 12C this week. It is also possible that the mild terral wind will return, although with less intensity than now.

Colder inland

Inland, on the other hand, the cold will be felt much more strongly in areas of Malaga province such as Antequera and Ronda. From an expected 18C on Saturday, temperatures will drop to 15C on Sunday, and 11C to 12C from Monday onwards.

Rainfall will not be very significant in inland areas of Malaga province but will be heavier in Jaén and Granada, with snow in the Sierra Nevada.

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