Violent Costa del Sol drug gang smashed by joint police operation

Violent Costa del Sol drug gang smashed by joint police operation

Properties were raided in Estepona and Mijas and searches revealed a large stash of hashish, stolen vehicles, weapons, ammunition and false identity documents



Thursday, 5 January 2023, 09:55


Spain's National Police and Guardia Civil forces, in a joint operation, have dismantled a criminal organisation based on the Costa del Sol, whose members carried out violent drug robberies on other drug traffickers. The gang members used military weapons and wore police uniforms in their attacks.

Ten people have been arrested for their alleged participation in the gang. A court in Estepona has ordered the provisional imprisonment for six of those investigated.

The police investigation began in June 2021 and focused on the ringleader of the plot at a house in Estepona. This male suspect, who came from an Eastern European country, was always armed and very elusive, police said. He used several identities and frequently changed his address and physical appearance – he cut his hair short, dyed it, or grew a beard or goatee.

At the time of his arrest he was carrying a loaded pistol ready to open fire. The suspect was already subject to several judicial requests: one from a Marbella Court, in relation to a crime of illegal possession of weapons; another from the Provincial Court of Granada, for drug trafficking; and one issued by the Albanian authorities, for a crime against persons.

During the operation, two searches were carried out in two houses in Estepona used as 'nurseries', as well as in a property in Mijas where the ringleader had temporarily established his residence. The raids revealed kilograms of hashish, five vehicles (two of them stolen), stolen license plates, weapons, ammunition, false identity documents, and tools for the processing of the drug.

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