The end of the tourist season marked a rise in unemployment. efe
Malaga, the Spanish province with the third highest increase in unemployment in September

Malaga, the Spanish province with the third highest increase in unemployment in September

The end of the peak tourist season on the Costa del Sol resulted in 2,683 employees in the services sector looking for another job, but in other areas such as construction, agriculture and industry the level of unemployment dropped

Nuria Triguero


Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 10:13


The unemployment figures in the province for September have come as no surprise, as the tourist season on the Costa del Sol had come to an end. A total of 2,176 people in Malaga registered as being out of work last month, the third-biggest rise in the country after Cadiz (+5,962) and Asturias (+2,565). However, the increase was lower than the average in the years preceding the coronavirus pandemic.

Nationally, the situation was the same: the increase in unemployment was ‘only’ 17,679, whereas the average rise in September during the years 2008 to 2019 was 46,307.

In Malaga, September was the second consecutive month in which unemployment went up, because in August, it rose by 1,562. A total of 138,575 people were registered as out of work in the province at the end of last month, which is 10,496 fewer than at this time last year. The question now is whether inflation, the energy shortage and uncertainty caused by the war in Ukraine will have a negative effect on the labour market between now and the end of the year.

Social Security

Also relating to employment, the Social Security figures in Malaga province show that 4,895 fewer people were registered in September compared with August, although 679,945 were still actively employed, which is a record for this month of the year.

Growth in employment has been notable during the past year, as the statistics show that there are currently 36,846 more people in work than there were in the same month in 2021.

Returning to the unemployment figures, the increase in September was exclusively in the services sector, with an increase of 2,683. On the other hand, unemployment dropped in the other three sectors of the Malaga economy: by 1,462 people in agriculture, 587 in construction and 11 in industry. However, the number of people who have never worked and are registered as unemployed rose by 237 last month.

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