The suspects gave the victim three days to pay but he went to the police instead. / Policia nacional

Three arrests for extortion and threatening to harm a Malaga businessman’s children

The suspects gave the victim three days to pay but he went to the police instead


Three people have been arrested by the National Police for demanding money from a Malaga businessman and threatening to harm his children if he didn’t pay up.

The victim of the attempted extortion, who owns a meat supply company, went to the police to report the situation. He said he had ordered products from a company in Sabadell (Barcelona) but when the package arrived only part of the order had been sent so he paid for the items he had received. Later, three people he didn’t know turned up at his office on an industrial estate in Malaga and demanded that he pay 8,500 euros which they said he owed.

They gave him three days to pay and said that if he failed to do so they would go looking for his children. They then gave him information which showed that they had very precise knowledge of the family’s movements.

The police began to investigate and located a vehicle used by the suspects, a people carrier which had been hired in Barcelona. With the cooperation of colleagues at the police headquarters in Tarrasa, they were able to identify the three people who had threatened the businessman and placed them under arrest.