Tourists in short sleeves in Malaga, before the cold snap hit. / FRANCIS SILVA

Temperatures recover on the Costa after the coldest days of winter

The maximum should return to 20C from today and during the weekend, although the most noticeable rise will be in the night temperatures


With the same speed that they dropped, the temperatures on the Costa del Sol will recover again this weekend. Of the barely 15 Celsius registered on Thursday at Malaga Airport, while today (20 January) they are expected to touch 20 degrees. However, the most improvement will be felt in the nighttime lows, which will go from six to 12 degrees.

This will be the general trend during the weekend, especially today and Saturday, when the skies will be clear, the sun will shine and the terraces will again be populated with locals and tourists.

The director of the Aemet Meteorological Centre, Jesús Riesco, explained the rise in the mercury will be due to the persistence of northwesterly winds. On Sunday a slight drop is expected, due to the change in the wind to the east, but the temperatures will remain pleasant, at least until Monday. Inland the maximum temperature will also rise and range between 11 and 14 degrees.

However, people should not put away their coats yet. Looking ahead to Tuesday, a new cold spell is expected and that will return the mercury to 15-16 degrees, and just 6-7 during the early morning on the coast.


Despite the onset of cold between Wednesday and Thursday, the Costa del Sol has once again shown that it is an oasis on the peninsula, which experienced a strong wave of freezing temperatures and even snow, especially in the north and central regions of the mainland. In Andalucía, Aemet activated amber warnings for snow in the Guadix y Baza region of Granada and in the Cazorla y Segura region of Jaén.