Passenger plane forced to land back at Malaga Airport after door problem warning

The aircraft, operated by Vueling, turned around and circled above Antequera to burn fuel before landing back on the Costa del Sol


An Airbus A-320 aircraft operated by the Spanish company Vueling, which was travelling from Malaga Airport to Brussels, has been forced to turn around shortly after take-off when it was flying above Jaén province in Andalucía.

Sources from the Malaga Airport control tower told SUR that the pilot of flight number VY2150 had seen an indication of a possible problem on a door, so he decided to return to the airport this Monday afternoon, 5 September.

Before being able to land, the aircraft was held at a flight level of 10,000 feet, above the Antequera area, in order to burn enough fuel to be able to land safely, which eventually happened without incident.

Engineers found no fault with the door, which could have caused depressurisation of the aircraft, but only with the sensor indicator.