Many people enjoy the New Year's Eve celebrations laid on by local councils. / F. silva / FILE IMAGE

What will the weather be like in Spain this New Year weekend?

State weather agency, Aemet, is forecasting mainly stable conditions for much of the country although some areas may see rain


It is late December, the sky is clear in Malaga province and just about everywhere in Andalucía and the sunshine is warm. But an important weekend is coming up , with many people looking forward to the New Year’s Eve celebrations on Saturday night: so will the fine weather continue?

Aemet, the state weather agency is sounding positive, forecasting stable conditions in most of Spain on the last day of the year.

“The exception will be the far north-west of the country and Cantabria, where there will be quite a lot of cloud, and some rain in the west of Galicia,” it said. The Canary Islands could also see some cloud, and the occasional shower cannot be ruled out in mountain areas.

With regard to temperatures, these will drop in the Canary Islands and north-west of Spain but the good news is that they will rise slightly elsewhere.

A change on the way

According to Aemet, everything is about to change in the New Year with rain expected and a drop in temperatures.

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, “fronts associated with Atlantic lows will bring more cloud and rain to the north-west, especially western Galicia, and it is possible that this will end up affecting other parts of the country as well,” the forecast said.

However, those in the east and south may well miss the rain, although there is likely to be plenty of cloud.