In total, more than 50 children enjoyed a dayof fun activities in Mijas Costa. SUR
Bringing a ray of joy to children with cancer

Bringing a ray of joy to children with cancer

Memory day. Twenty youngsters and their families enjoyed a day of fun and games at the Miraflores Tennis Club organised by La Cala de Mijas Lions

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Friday, 19 May 2023, 11:20

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La Cala de Mijas Lions Club hosted a family orientated 'memory day' for children suffering with cancer at the Miraflores Tennis Club last week. The event was organised by Lions' President, Wynson Beswick, who invited 20 children who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, along with their siblings and other family members, for a memorable day of fun and activities in the sun.

The children, between the ages of four and 19, receive support from the Fuengirola branch of the Spanish cancer association, AECC; and the Olivares Foundation, an organisation that offers support to youngsters suffering with the disease.

"I decided to call it a memory day because, as a mother and grandmother, I have always tried very hard to give my children something which they will remember as opposed to a gift wrapped up at Christmas or on birthdays. I wanted to give these children a lovely memory. It was such a wonderful day and they all enjoyed it so much, I'm sure they will remember it," the president told SUR in English.

This is the first time that the La Cala de Mijas Lions Club has organised a memory day event for children with cancer, and Wynson said she hopes it will be something that they can continue to host in the future, especially seeing as the children had "such a fantastic time"

The event was run by club members and volunteers, and the youngsters enjoyed an afternoon of different activities such as face painting, shuffle board games, tee-shirt painting and other fun activities.

Paella, pizzas and ice cream

The children also enjoyed a performance by a juggler and exercise workouts in a tepee, after which they tucked into paella, pizzas and ice cream.

Each child also received a Primark gift token (financed by the Lions), along with toys and books that were sourced from the association's charity second-hand shop.

"One of the most amazing things about the day was that you would never have thought that these children were ill, because they all had the most joyful and wonderful day. You could see on their faces just how much they all enjoyed it," Wynson said.

A wonderful experience

The president pointed out that, although these children are suffering with cancer, it was not a gloomy or sad event, "the complete opposite, in fact".

"It was not hard in the least. It was joyous. These children were no different to any other children. One of our volunteers was uncertain how she would react, but at the end of the day she said it had been a wonderful experience," the president explained.

However, it was not just the children who enjoyed the fun and activities, because more than 50 parents and adult family members also attended the event.

"The parents all seemed to have a comradeship between themselves, because they all know each other from attending the clinics and the group sessions," Wynson said.

Excellent support

The Lions also presented a cheque for 1,500 euros to both the AECC and the Olivares Foundation to assist with the "excellent support that they offer to children with cancer".

The AECC was founded in 1953 to help cancer patients fight the disease on all fronts. As with the other branches in the province of Malaga, the AECC in Fuengirola works in conjunction with the town hall and offers therapies and psychological support to both patients with cancer and their families, while also organising cancer awareness campaigns.

The association finances research projects with the aim of offering better diagnosis and treatment of cancer in order to alleviate and avoid suffering in people caused by the disease, regardless of their personal circumstances.

The Olivares Foundation was incepted in 2010 and has since strived to improve the quality of life of children and their families through a comprehensive care programme. The organisation offers psychology, physiotherapy, social assistance and nutrition advice, as well as informative and educational activities in institutes, schools and universities.

It also collaborates with other organisations to develop psycho-oncological assistance both in hospitals and the creation of a team of home-care volunteers.

The foundation also offers the services of social workers for the families of cancer patients. The charity recognises that, as a consequence of the long periods of hospitalisation, many families suffer changes. One of the aspects that most concern the families is the conservation of work and family planning. The welfare officers give advice about financial benefits and information about accessing health and social resources.

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