Policía Local de Málaga

Watch as window fitter works on sixth-floor Costa del Sol property with no safety harness

Police officers in Malaga have identified the individual from videos uploaded to Instagram and reported his "reckless" actions to health and safety officials


This is the moment a window fitter on the Costa was filmed hanging out of a sixth-floor property without wearing any harness or using any safety measures.

The video, showing the man working some 20-metres above the ground, was recorded by residents of a neighbouring property and uploaded to Instagram.

After studying the footage, Local Police officers in Malaga opened an investigation which allowed the property on which the work was carried out to be identified, as well as the company that had carried out the work and the person in charge of installation of the windows.

The employee was identified and the police have now reported his “reckless actions” to health and safety officials. The man’s employers said that the worker had received full training on safety measures and, in addition, that he had the necessary equipment to comply with current regulations and if he did not use them, it was on his own initiative.