Belén reads a letter. / M. FERNÁNDEZ

'Postwoman' nurse calls for people to keep sending in letters to Covid patients

Belén has been working for 25 years in the infectious diseases ward at Malaga city's Regional hospital, which has been dedicated to Covid since February 2020


Belén, a nurse who has worked in the infectious diseases ward at Malaga city's Regional hospital for 25 years, is urging people to continue sending in letters to Covid patients.

She revived her initiative, named 'Enfermera Cartera', (or Postwoman Nurse), after seeing a fall in the number of letters the hospital was receiving.

Belén points out that patients suffer collateral damage when they're admitted to hospital: solitude. "They're still very scared, they have a lot of questions. They don't want to watch the news about the Covid pandemic. They need encouragement and to trust us."

Belén didn't take long to get her initiative going. In the same month that lockdown was enforced across Spain, the nurse opened up an email account to which people could send letters to patients. Since then, she has delivered, alongside her colleagues, over 8,500 letters.

"And you know what? People have no idea how much good these letters do," Belén said.