The youth climbs the 20-metre-high structure. / SUR

Police needled by mystery Malaga Christmas tree climber

Officers are scouring video footage to try and identify the youth who scaled the festive decoration in the city centre


It was almost midnight when all eyes turned to the Christmas tree that has been installed in the Malaga’s Plaza de la Constitución. But it wasn’t the festive decorations or lights that captured the attention of passers-by, instead it was the sight of a young man who decided to climb the tree.

The incident happened last Friday, 19 November, when one member of a group of three youths, who were heading down Calle Granada street towards Calle Larios, decided to scale the 20-metre-high structure.

The impromptu tree climb was criticised by some passers-by, and "He is going to kill himself," said one of the eyewitnesses. Others, however, laughed and cheered at the young man encouraging him to reach the highest point of the tree. The climb lasted only a few minutes and when a Local Police patrol arrived on the scene the three youths had already made off.

Malaga’s Local Police force has opened an investigation to try identify the mystery youth and specialist officers are scouring images captured by the security cameras in the city centre, with a view to charging the individual in connection with his reckless actions.