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Police dog nabs man with drugs hidden in his underpants in Malaga

The man was arrested on Calle Comedias in the city centre after Kira, a Belgian malinois, sniffed out the suspect package


Officers from the Operative Support Group (GOA) and the Canine Unit subgroup were doing a routine operation in the centre of Malaga to prevent the consumption and sale of drugs when a pedestrian caught the attention of police dog Kira.

Kira, a Belgian malinois, is trained to identify drugs on people who are moving and when she sniffs them out, she will approach that person.

The man, who was not initially a target of police suspicions, was soon in Kira’s sights according to police sources.

When officers approached the man on Calle Comedias, he was questioned and forced to admit that Kira was correct and that he was carrying drugs.

He then proceeded to fish out of his underpants 40g of MDMA, also known as the party drug ecstasy.

Another GOA team quickly appeared on the scene and the man was promptly arrested.