The park bench where the assault happened in the city’s Picasso Gardens.

Police investigate 'savage' attack on homeless man that led to his death

National Police officers in Malaga are working to confirm the identity of the victim, believed to be foreign and in his 60s


The initial police investigations into the "savage" attack on a homeless man, who died shortly after in hospital on Monday morning, suggests that it was with a blunt object, and that it most likely occurred when the victim was sleeping on a park bench in Malaga’s Picasso Gardens.

According to sources the man had been lying on some cardboard that he had placed on the bench and was using plastic bags, filled with his few personal belongings, as a pillow.

The first indications, while the results of an autopsy are awaited, suggest all the blows were concentrated on the head, which caused a haemorrhage causing him fall to the ground. When the police arrived on the scene, he was found lying unconscious at the foot of the bench.

Emergency surgery

The man was rushed in critical condition to the Regional Hospital in the city but, after emergency surgery, he died in the operating room.

According to the initial police investigations, no signs of a struggle were found which suggests the man was sleeping and did not have the opportunity to defend himself.

Nor were there any signs that the attacker had searched him or his belongings, although that does not mean, according to the sources, that the motive of theft can be ruled out.


Police officers searched the scene for the blunt object that, given the nature of the injuries, could have been used in the attack, but none was found.

What they did find was some documentation that the victim was carrying and that corresponds to a Bulgarian citizen in his 60s. But police are working to the verify that it is that of the person who was attacked, and were cautious about revealing his identification.