Los Ruices Environmental Centre / SALVADOR SALAS

Plant to recycle organic material planned for Malaga

The city council wants to construct a treatment station that will compost organic waste


Brown bins will be introduced in Malaga over the course of this year in order to comply with a European Union directive that organic waste be collected separately by 1 January 2024. The move also presents an opportunity for the city council to make money by processing the organic waste and selling it as garden compost.

The council plans to build a bio-waste treatment plant in the Los Ruices Environmental Centre at a cost of four million euros and it has asked the Junta de Andalucía to provide 1.63 million euros in subsidies to fund the project. The money should be available under the EU’s Next Generation funds, the emergency financial instrument activated by the EU to help member states recover from the Covid-19 crisis.

The planned project consists of three differentiated areas in order to carry out high-quality compost production through the composting of organic waste, a pre-treatment and selection area, an automatic composting area and refining area.

In the pre-treatment area, the waste will be sorted and non-organic waste such as plastics and metal removed. The organic waste will then be composted for at least five weeks and finally refined into garden-ready compost.