The 38-year-old is being held in custody while National Police investigate the thefts. / SUR

Parcel delivery man arrested for stealing bank cards and making cash withdrawals

Police believe that there are at least 19 cases involving around 7,000 euros in total


National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 38-year-old parcel delivery man in connection with the alleged theft of bank cards and using them to make withdrawals from cash machines.

To date, officers have uncovered 19 victims involving a total amount of around 7,000 euros.

Police began investigating after several people reported that they appeared to have been scammed after requesting a bank card from a multinational distribution chain. After being approved by the financial services arm of the company, the card was sent to the beneficiary's address, although both the card and its corresponding PIN - personal identification numbers - did not arrive at the designated address. The owners only became aware of the fraud when they were informed by a SMS message - sent by the company – that withdrawals were being made with the cards they never received.

As the result of the investigations, police identified a parcel company delivery employee who had stolen the letters. First, seizing the ones that contained the cards and, subsequently, the letters that notified the PIN number.

In a search of man’s house police found ten bank cards that were not in his name, four of them from distribution chain that gave rise to the initial complaints.

The parcel delivery man is being held in custody while the fraud charges are being investigated.